A city united in shock after an innocent 12-year-old girl was murdered.

12 year old girl stabbed to death in Liverpool.

James Bond


Like lots of people, I was deeply upset to hear of the death of the innocent 12-year-old Ava White. Let’s redouble our efforts to ensure she is the last person killed like this.

I was taken back (in a good way) when I saw the Merseyside Derby last week and saw that at 12 minutes a picture of the late little angel was put on screen (1) and there was a minute’s applause. I pay tribute to Liverpool FC full-back Trent Alexander Arnold for taking his t-shirt off at the end saying “RIP Ava White.” (2)

I am a personal trainer and I teach self-defence. In the past, I used to teach self-defence classes for bullied schoolchildren. In every single case- without exception, the bully backed down. Sadly I can’t run them anymore. See Goths have Bomber in their corner.

Today I would like to give you all some hints to reduce your risk of a knife attack. Nothing in self-defence is guaranteed, it just gives you a better chance.

I would implore the reader to find your nearest military surplus store because somewhere in your local community there is one. Instead of buying your children an X-box or something so useless for Christmas I would ask that you buy your family members a head torch, a whistle and a 3-foot umbrella.

Let’s see what we can do about it.

Every father needs to learn from Terminator 2

“Watching John with the machine, it was suddenly so clear, the terminator would never stop, it would never leave him, it would never hurt him, never shout at him or get drunk and hit him or say it was too busy to spend time with him. It would always be there and it would die to protect him. Of all the would-be fathers who came and went over the years, this thing, this machine, was the only thing that measured up. In an insane world, it was the sanest choice.” (The resistance sent a terminator back in time to protect John Connor.) (4)

This is what every father should be like.

It’s time for the Big Brothers to step up your game and learn from Bikers.

Have you seen My Big Fat Greek wedding? You may remember the scene where the bride’s brother warn the groom that if he hurts his sister he’ll kill him and make it look like an accident.

If you go to any Italian or Greek neighbourhood in the USA or any Sikh neighbourhood in the UK you will be amazed at how protective their men are towards their sisters. Trust me, if you live in the USA, only an idiot upsets a girl of Italian or Greek background. This is how protective you have to be towards your kid sisters and your mothers.

Just watch what happens in a Sikh neighbourhood. If you see any lady carrying her shopping you’ll see two Sikh men come up to her, pay their respects, and offer to carry her shopping home and see her home safely.

If you ever see a Sikh woman work late at night I promise you that there is a very high chance that a male friend or relative will ensure she gets home safely. I know this because I teach self-defence classes. Let me assure you that Sikh men ensure their wives, mothers, aunts, sisters and daughters learn self-defence. It’s also obvious that their wives are the ones in charge as well!

My experience with Bikers

I remember once I was at a late-night supermarket. There was a black woman working on the late shift. They asked her how she and the other women working there were getting home. They said they’d walk home. These guys insisted they see them home. I went up to them and said I know these guys. They were bikers.

They were true angels. They saw these women home safely. During lockdown, these bikers were delivering food and supplies to the elderly or sick. Even now you can see them carrying their shopping home. On school runs, I have seen these guys patrol the routes to school to ensure school kids get to and from school safely. I have also seen bikers hang outside post offices on Thursday- the days when pensioners go to the post office to get cash for their pensions. They make sure they are not mugged in getting their cash.

Don’t worry they are not vigilantes. If they see anything they will inform the police within seconds.

The moral: we all need to learn from the bikers.

The text message I sent to the creep who was doing his utmost to bed one of my female friends

“I want you to have a good time but if you harm one hair on her head I will hunt you down to the ends of the earth, break every bone in your body and make it look like an accident. If you spend the night with her you’ll go back to her place, shower before you get into bed and use protection.”

Her response

“Will you stop threatening any guy who chats me up? I haven’t had any d**k for over a year and men are too afraid to ask me and my two best friends out thanks to you!”

Paul Watson uncovers some very uncomfortable truths

Please watch this video from Paul Watson (4.)

I agree with every word Paul Watson says in this video. He is not being racist at all. I am a UK born and raised 2nd generation Indian — I agree with every word he says.

Some practical things- James Bond personal trainer

Public places

Stick to public places, the more public a place the less likely something is to happen. Try to ensure you stay in places covered by CCTV.

Walk opposing the traffic

Make sure you always walk opposing the traffic. That way you can see a motorcycle or moped coming towards you in case they want to rob you.

Wear a head torch at night.

Always wear a lit headtorch at night. Although you may feel silly any criminal on seeing you will subconsciously think that they are going to be seen and trust me it’s like having a force field around you. People move away from you very quickly.

Carry a whistle.

Every member of the public should carry a whistle and heaven forbid if anything happens you blow hard. It will attract attention and the last thing any criminal wants is to be seen and possibly identified.

Carry an umbrella

Kids are in a catch 22. If you carry a knife you can be arrested and convicted simply for carrying one- depending on where in the world you are.

If you don’t carry one, you lose your street credibility and you are worried about what happens if you are attacked with a knife?

The answer? Carry a 3-foot umbrella! A 3-foot umbrella is legal. Secondly, if someone threatens you with a knife use it as parrying distance to get space between you and the knifer and blow that whistle hard.

The above is not 100% guaranteed but they give you a better chance.

Sign your family members up to a martial arts class

In addition to buying all your family members a head torch, whistle, and 3-foot umbrella I would also ask that you do a google search for a martial arts class. Somewhere in your local community, there is a martial arts class. I don’t care if it’s aikido, judo, ju-jitsu, karate, kung fu or taekwondo, or kickboxing. Anyone who is reasonably proficient in semi or full-contact martial art is a very dangerous person to mess with. (There is no need for headshots though.)

One thing I can guarantee though- a good martial arts class will teach you how to avoid an assault.

The ultimate weapon to stop your kids getting into crime.

Any teacher will tell you it’s the parents who you don’t need to see who come to parents evenings. It’s the parents who you do need to see who never come.

(A doctor will tell you that it’s the same for women who come for screenings for breast and cervical cancer. The low risk women are the best attenders.)

The parents who come are super motivated parents who take an active interest in their kids. This is one reason why kids from South East Asian backgrounds do so well at school- their parents take an interest.

The more of an interest you take in your kids the less likely they will turn to crime.

During my intercalated research year as a medical student I interviewed several prison governors and criminal psychologists who told me that if every case of a hardened criminal they would always be from a broken home. What does that tell you?

If you don’t talk to your kids about crime the criminals will.

Social media is never too busy to deal with kids. Your kids will gain the attention of social media anytime they want it.

However do you know who the best in the world are at getting attention from kids? Criminals- they go to enormous lengths to get their attention and guess what- they succeed. They prey on the vulnerable kids.

How well do you know your kids?

When I was in India one of my relatives wanted to arrange a marriage for me. I asked this person Who was my best friend? He couldn’t answer. What was my favourite meal? He said burger and chips. (I am a vegetarian.) He asked me which football team I supported. He said Manchester United. (I support Liverpool.) I asked him 30 basic questions and he couldn’t answer one of them.

I then said “You hardly know me. How on earth can you arrange a marriage for me?”

How well do you know your kids? Who are their friends? What is their favourite subject at school? What websites do they look at? What are their career intentions? What is their favourite meal? Have you spoken to them about sex? Have you spoken to them about crime? The list is endless.

If I were you I’d google The Ungame and once a week play that game with your kids. The Ungame is a non-competitive game and can be a great ice-breaker or a serious exchange of thoughts, feelings and ideas. Ages 5-Adult, 2–6 Players.

It includes a set of general question and comment cards. Separate kid, teen, and family

You’ll be amazed at how much you’ll learn about your kids and family- you’ll be amazed at how little you know.

Cutting costs

London’s mayor blames a cut in the police budget- that is true. However you don’t cut costs of a public service by cutting the budget-you make it better.

Let me give you two examples. When I was a kid some of our friends wanted to steal some stuff from the local sweetshop. I didn’t want to have any part of it but they threatened to beat me up if I didn’t keep watch. Luckily a police offer walked past and went into the shop. No crime took place. These lads bought their sweets and went home.

If a crime had taken place, they’d have to call in the parents, interview the kids, charge them, put them through the courts, imprison them etc- at inordinate public expense.

The moral of the story- put more police officers on the streets.

If you are driving on the motorway and you see a police car if you have any sense you’ll slow down to below the speed limit.

When I worked in hospital a big problem was bed blocking. It’s easy to resolve. If the doctor who sees the patient on admission writes in the notes “this patient cannot cope at home and needs full social assessment.” Social assessment would start on day one and would be arranged by the time the patient was due for discharge.

If not people wouldn’t notice until the day of discharge. The patient would go home, couldn’t cope, come back into hospital and would then spend weeks, sometimes months in hospital at a cost of some £300 per day.

No politician would dare mention this.

Respect for parents.

Unless you do this your kids will have no respect for you. For example if you see the episode of the Simpsons where Homer steals a free satellite TV subscription Bart ends up saying “I can’t wait to be an adult so I can break all the rules.” Marge makes a point that Bart was losing respect for his father.

Respect for the law.

A lot of people are losing respect for the law because of politically correct policing. I was appalled to see how Police officer Katie Barratt was dismissed simply for saying Paki.

There was a spate of gang violence in my city. I wrote to my councilors to tell them how they deal with it in India. They sent two police officers to arrest me. The police knocked at my door. I went around the back. I said, “Can I help you?” They said, “We have a warrant for the arrest of Mr. James Bond for racially motivated communication.” I said, “That’s me.”

They got a shock to see I am an ethnic minority!

Instead of dealing with the problem, the law sent the police round to arrest the guy who proposed a solution.

Is it any wonder that people are losing respect for the law?

What you can do

Do a google search for the nearest martial arts club in your community and get the whole family signed up to it.

  1. Do a google search for the nearest military surplus store and buy a 3-foot umbrella, a whistle and a head torch for each member of your family. Please pay upfront and get a receipt. Military personnel are decent people but if you pay upfront you can save them cash flow problems
  2. Share this video blog to social media using the icons above.
  3. Go to this post on my facebook page https://www.facebook.com/110587050806181/videos/3167998486782133 and if you look below you’ll see the link to 4 governmental petitions to change the law on knife crime. We need to get each one to 100,000 signatures to force a debate in parliament. Once you’ve signed it please write “signed” underneath. Whilst you are at please like the page.

Minimum 5-year sentence for knife possession and 10-years for use of a knife https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/595601

Require schools to teach students about knife crime as part of the curriculum https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/594074

Make it a legal requirement for SIA licence holders to wear a stab vest on duty https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/588929

Appoint a government Tsar to champion the reduction of knife crime https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/594666

Jacob Rees Mogg, the leader of the House of Commons, has said that the only petitions that will be debated in parliament are petitions on the parliamentary petitions website.

Let me explain how these petitions work. If you get 10,000 signatures the government has to respond. If the response is not good enough they can ask for another one. If that isn’t good enough they can summon that minister in for questioning.

I am very good with parliamentary petitions. 4 of them have got a response from the government and I have secured one debate in parliament. I have also brought about a public consultation on halal and slaughter.

In Defence of parents who have no time for their families

A lot of parents don’t have time to be there for their kids.

When you go on maternity leave your income halves. Minimum wage is £8.72 per hour for those over 25. Let’s assume you work for 40 hours per week. That equates to £348.80 per week. After tax and national insurance that works out at £275.68.

Childcare per child is £45 per child per day. Assuming you work for 5 days that works out at £225 per week. Hence a mother who returned to work would take home £275.68-£225= £50.68 per week.

That works out at £1.27 per hour over a 40 hour week.

Many people are on zero hour contracts so they don’t know one week to the next if they have work.

All too often the other half (is there is one) has to take on a second job. That results in the other half having the heart breaking situation of missing the children growing up.

Inflation is 3%. Wage rises if you are lucky are 1%. Hence your wages are worth less and less. Hence many people cannot afford to have kids.

Worse still many people can’t afford to put anything into a private pension. So they retire on the state pension of £134.75 per week- around 40% of what they were struggling to live on to start with. Hence so many pensioners work in supermarkets.

So what is the answer? Simple-it’s multiple sources of income.

So what is the answer? Leverage-you have multiple streams of income- check out http://www.doyouwanttobeafulltimemother.com

Who am I?

My name is Bond, Dr. James Bond, I am a health and fitness expert and a Sheffield Star fitness columnist. I have also been featured in the Daily Mail. I work with people who want to improve their quality of life- particularly those who want to lose weight. What makes my service different is that I am the only personal fitness trainer in the North of England who is a qualified medical doctor. Therefore I can take on the general public and super high risk cases that other fitness professionals will not dare like this lady, the case of Deborah Fox.


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