16 year old vegetarian student failed for comments made on Halal meat

James Bond
3 min readAug 20, 2019

I was rather taken back when I saw media coverage showing that 16 year old GCSE student Abigail Williams had been failed in her religious education exam for criticising Halal meat.

During her paper, the strict vegetarian wrote that she found halal meat “absolutely disgusting”. (1.)

I will be writing to the exam board to express my distaste at this.

I am a non practising 2nd generation Indian Hindu living in the UK. For the record I am a vegetarian going on vegan.

I am a fitness trainer and I advise all my fat loss clients to go vegetarian or preferably vegan. It’s the safest, most affordable, fastest and most environmentally safe method to lose excess body fat. The simple reason is that every time you eat meat you are consuming animal fat.

Those who do report a very safe, very rapid loss of excess fat with a massive improvement in health.

Now I object to Halal and Kosher for several reasons.

  • The first reason is religious. It’s forbidden in Hinduism, Sikhism,Buddhism and many denominations of Christianity. Such people could be consuming Halal and Kosher without knowing it.
  • Both Halal and Kosher are absolute barbaric forms of slaughter.
  • Halal certification requires a 2.5% Zakat tax. That tax is not properly regulated. Now in it’s purest form Zakat is a beautiful thing. They have to give their time or their money to good causes. I have nothing but the highest respect for people like The Bearded brothers.They are what I call true Islam. With the exception of winning the lottery very few things would please me more than to see a branch of of the Bearded Brothers in every town and city in the UK.
  • However it is very sad that money can be used for morally questionable purposes because it’s not properly regulated and policed. According to the Australian Imam Tawhdi it is highly questionable what they use the money for. I have been told it can be used to fund Jihad which can either mean struggle or other morally questionable things
  • There is no requirement. All they have to do is say Bismallal (thanks to God) before each meal.

I will write to the exam board and I will ask if they will fail every Sikh and Hindu student who has the same view for religious reasons?

On a general front I think banning Halal will be practically impossible, however we need clear labelling so people can make an informed choice. The Labour party have put their support to proper labelling so they can’t oppose it.See (2) below.

I forgot to mention that Mohammed Sawar of Yorkshire Poultry says Of course labelling is important. I think consumers have the right to know where the meat they are about to eat came from and how it was slaughtered.” So there is support from the Islamic community. (4.)


I will write a letter to the exam board based on the above but I doubt I will get a reply.


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