A huge source of complaints about this sort of class from Islamic women

James Bond
2 min readApr 6, 2021

I saw this advert recently on facebook.

I am a health and weight loss expert, in layman’s terms a personal fitness trainer. It reminded me of when I worked in one gym and we did such classes solely for Muslim women.

I am a firm advocate of women only classes and women only areas of gyms for several reasons.

The irony here is the Islamic women objected to the advert and they wanted it changed to women only which was done.

Here are my reasons for women only areas of gyms.

Religious. Women of Jewish background can’t exercise in front of men.

Intimidation. Many women find the male dominated free weights area of a gym very intimidating.

Clothing. A lot of female gym clothing can be a bit revealing and you don’t want men leering at you when you are wearing it.

Exercises. A lot of exercises women do can be a bit compromising and again you don’t want men leering at you when you are doing them.

Some women can sweat in embarrassing places.

Lastly when exercising some women can make noises that can be taken the wrong way. Again you don’t want men around when this happens. There was one lady i had to train from 6:00am-7:00am for this reason.

What is your view?