A Lady Diana Spencer Meghan Markle will never be

James Bond


Let me end this argument the argument over Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

Who remembers Rocky v? In that movie Rocky Balboa had a student called Tommy Gunn who did the dirty on him like Megan and Harry have done. In the press conference a reporter says “He may win a few fights but a Rocky Balboa he’ll never be.”

His manager replies. “Balboa was the true people’s champion.”

Megan Markle may have married into the Royal family but a Lady Diana Princess of Wales she will NEVER be. Princess Diana was the true people’s princess, universally loved and respected by all. She is still missed today.

Look at these tributes.

Look at the moving video called Princess Diana ~ A tribute, 15 years later

Never a month went by without her doing some kind of charity work and she NEVER took a penny for her time. Look at what she did for AIDS patients.

Speaking as someone who suffered the living torture of an AIDS scare when I was a student I can wholly understand. (5.)

However what touched people the world over was her work on landmines.

People were also moved by her speech on eating disorders (7.)

Today we have a new people’s princess. The one and only Kate Middleton Duchess of Cambridge who has not put a foot wrong and has conducted herself like a future Queen. Never a month goes by without her doing some kind of charity work and she NEVER takes a penny for her time.

This video shows this (8).

She will make a great head of state.

In short like President Trump (9) I wish Prince Harry luck- he’s going to need it.

I wonder if he knows that Meghan Markle is a former porn star. The video I have is very incriminating. Although I doubt it’s real.

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