A lesson in women’s security

James Bond
3 min readOct 16, 2022


I am a personal trainer and a nightclub bouncer let me give you my take on this. I welcome your comments.

Now I do nightclub security- most commonly at a gay bar. I accept that I have gone way over the top on security but I will not compromise on safety.

I put a bouncer outside the ladies’ restroom and no men are allowed in.
Crossdressers and transsexuals are asked to use the disabled restroom for two reasons.

Firstly, I don’t want to make the ladies feel unsafe. Secondly, I don’t want them getting abuse from the ladies.

I am introducing the bottle system where on entry you pay £1 and you get a drinks bottle and at the end you hand your bottle in and you get your £1 back. Each bottle will have a screw on top making life very difficult for drink spikers.

The club is members only. You can get in by joining on the night so long as you have photographic identification and I have CCTV everywhere. The slightest thing and I can have you caught with video evidence to give to the police. I also have sniffer dogs outside sniffing everyone for drugs. Everyone undergoes a metal detector test and all handbags are searched before you get in.

On leaving someone will ask you how you are getting home. If you say taxi, you will be walked the 10 yards to the taxi rank. You’ll be encouraged to get into a taxi with CCTV and take a photograph of the number plate. We then give you a card asking you to pay the cabbie up front by card so people can be traced. The card asks you to go live on Facebook and broadcast until you are home safely. We have the URL of each taxi driver CCTV livestream. On top of that when you get home the card asks you to scan a QR code on your phone which takes you to a form. On filling it in, we ask you to confirm you got home safely and in return you are emailed a voucher to get in at half price next time.

Let me tell you why I advocate women only areas of gyms and what I do when on nightclub security. I forbid men and transgendered people from going into the women’s bathroom.

I would warmly welcome your comments below.

I am a firm advocate of women only areas of gyms for 5 reasons.

Religious. Some women of Jewish faith cannot exercise in front of men.

Intimidation. Some women find the free weights area of a gym which are effectively men only very intimidating.

Some female gym clothing can be a bit revealing and legitimately some women don’t want to be leered at.

Some female gym exercises can be a bit compromising and legitimately, again, some women don’t want to be leered at.

Some women can sweat in embarrassing places.

Lastly when exercising some women can make noises that can be taken the wrong way.

There was one woman I had to train at 6 am for this reason. When I trained her in office hours people outside were asking what I was doing to her! I was glad when she stopped training.

With regards the restrooms I am probably breaking EU laws that have not been repealed yet but if someone takes me to court, I will cite public interest and I know I will win.

Now I welcome your comments.