A major victory against forced marriage.

James Bond
13 min readNov 21, 2021

However, there is more work to be done.

Sunday 21st November 2021

I was delighted to see that Pauline Latham MPs’ private members bill to raise the marriageable age from 16 to 18 got through the 2nd reading in Parliament on Friday 19th November 2021 (2.)

Please see her video.

This is long overdue and is a step in the right direction. It goes some way to stop forced marriage.

What is a forced marriage?

According to the Foreign and Commonwealth office (4) “A forced marriage is a marriage where one or both people do not consent to the marriage and pressure or abuse is used.

They say that this is different from an arranged marriage. Please let me be clear on this.

In practical terms, ALL arranged marriage is forced marriage. They are one and the same. They may not be forced to get married but they are certainly forced to stay together! It’s big business.

How do they force people to marry?

Very often they beat them into submission. Often physically but often emotionally, neglectfully and sexually. I am aware of cases where fathers have raped their daughters into submission to marry. was not in the least bit surprised to see Bride forced into arranged marriage was raped by disabled groom as mum gave instructions from the door (5) and (6.)

If by some miracle either party can get divorced then the community they come from will go to enormous lengths to ensure that the divorce does not go through for four reasons.

  • Family honour.
  • Loss of money.
  • They are worried that others will get divorced.
  • They are worried they will find it more difficult to get more people into forced marriage.

Once the application to get divorced is put in it is prudent to get a temporary restraining order against the abusive party pending degree absolute. After that very often a permanent restraining order is often required.

In practical terms arranged marriage is forced marriage. It’s big business.

This is what they do. The family of a prospective bride or groom pay a huge sum of money to a prospective partner in the UK, Europe, Canada or the USA- it’s called a dowry. Then what they do is get them married off. The spouse from abroad comes to the Western country, becomes a citizen and claims social security benefits. They then send money back home and the family back home lives a life of Riley all paid for by the Western taxpayer. It’s big business.

If the husband lives in the UK then it’s easy — he just lives in the family home. If the husband is abroad then they take the young girl abroad during the school holidays. Then at the age of 16 they bring the husband to the UK and have a marriage ceremony. Since it’s done with parental consent it’s legal.

So what needs to be done?

Whilst I am very pleased that Pauline Latham’s bill is one step closer to becoming law there is more work that needs to be done.

Give greater protection to children taken abroad

Very often 1st generation parents from Africa or Asia or the Middle East take their children back to their country of origin during the school holidays. It’s done under the pretence of holidays. However, it’s often a smokescreen for a marriage. Often they take the passport away and tell the child that unless they marry they won’t go back to the UK.

My own view is that people under the age of 21 who are taken abroad on holiday must report to the UK Embassy in that country once a week. The passport should be surrendered to the embassy. If the child is in danger then the embassy can get them back home. They should also tell the UK police the day they are going to leave and when they are due to return.

Medical examination before and after going abroad

Again commonly they take their children back to their country of origin during the school holidays. It’s done under the pretence of holidays. They take them abroad to undergo female circumcision to make a girl “worth more” in terms of a dowry.

Such girls should be medically examined by an independent doctor before and after a trip abroad. If you see Female Genital Mutilation all you need to know then you’ll see how barbaric a procedure it is (7.) If you see Two Major Victories against Female Genital Mutilation (8) then you’ll see there has been progress

All marriages must have a registry office ceremony to be legally validated

This is self-explanatory. Anyone who gets married must have the marriage validated by a registry office. The registry office should have the powers listed below.

The Dowry

The Dowry needs to be banned and if there is evidence of a dowry then there must be severe penalties.

Forced career to get a higher price dowry.

When I did my dissertation year as an undergraduate medical student I found loads of cases of students of non-white background being forced into professional careers such as medicine, dentistry, law, pharmacy accountancy or engineering against their will (9.) If you see An undocumented source of student stress & suicide Sunday 27th June 2021 (10) then you can see it can have tragic consequences. This is to make the son or daughter “worth more” for dowry purposes.

Sadly this is not illegal. My own view is that parents who do this should face the following penalties.

  • If the student drops out of the university course then the parents should have to refund the university for lost fees.
  • If the student commits suicide due to a forced career choice (and I have seen 8 cases) then the parents should face trial for manslaughter.
  • The parents should face 6 months in jail.

Age differences between partners

My own view is that they should ban marriages between couples if there is an age gap of more than 10 years unless the younger one is at least 25. The reason for that is, theoretically by the time the younger one is 25 he or she will be financially stable and will be able to resist financial pressure to get married to someone they don’t want.

I personally know of a young woman who was forced to marry at the age of 18. Her husband was in his 60s. Her family told her they wouldn’t finance her at university if she refused. She had no choice but to go through with it. Trust me when I say she’s really unhappy but she’s trapped- for now…

DNA testing

If the partners are closely related then they are “worth more” and so I believe that a registry office should have the power to get DNA evidence from an independent source to ensure that both parties are not biologically related before marriage. This can have profound effects on any child see Is it safe to marry your cousin (11.)

Ban welfare payments to polygamous families

In some communities, especially Hindu communities there can be one husband and multiple wives. For example, in the Mahabharat, the legendary Draupadi had 5 husbands. Lord Krishna — the Hindu God- had multiple wives.

Polygamous marriages are big business because they all live in the same house and claim social security benefits. You will not believe how much money they can take home all paid for by the taxpayer.

We believe that welfare payments to polygamous families put a disproportionate strain on the taxpayer, and should be reviewed. Currently, it is possible for polygamous families to claim certain benefits in respect of multiple wives when they reside in the UK. We believe this is open to abuse and must be reviewed.

A very common thing that they do is force a UK citizen to marry a man from abroad who has 3 wives. The husband becomes a UK citizen and claims social security benefits for all his children and wives. Given that £1 is worth 90 Indian rupees then they can have a life of luxury at the UK taxpayers expense.

A case study-one of my students

The last time I was in India I got a skype message. One of my relatives had received a skype distress signal from one of her friends. This young girl and her cousin were due to be forced to marry and the victim had decided on suicide to get out of it. I was given the address and asked to help. I hired some thugs and made my way. I was copied into the last message saying “Don’t kill yourself, there are people who love and care for you. Help is on the way- don’t be afraid, don’t worry you’ll be home soon- you’ll be shaken but not stirred.”

I am a 3rd generation Indian and I grew up in Leicestershire. By 3rd generation I mean that my grandparents were Muslim immigrants, their son-my Dad- married a UK born and raised Muslim woman. However, are these women saying that no Muslim woman has been oppressed?

My brother and Dad used to thump me like crazy and said they could do so because of their religion. In fact, the priest used to teach all men at the mosque to beat their wives and female relatives if we didn’t obey them. My brother once made a video of me in the shower and showed it to all his male friends for money! I was told when I refused to wear a burqua that they would cut my face with razor blades and pour acid on my face. I was thumped black and blue when I even tried makeup when I was invited to my friend’s sister’s wedding. I joked that I would find my future husband there.

My Dad thumped me saying I would marry who he chose whether I liked it or not.

When I was 13 I was taken to India with my four-year-old cousin. I was to be taken across the border to Pakistan to be forced to marry a 42-year-old. My four-year-old cousin was due to have female circumcision.

Luckily there is a nice thing called Skype and I got onto instant messenger. I contacted my best friend and she asked for my address. Within hours her cousin who happened to be in India at the time turned up with some armed thugs, took me and my cousin to safety. You should have seen this guy in action-it was like watching Bruce Lee- but better! Mind you his name is James Bond! The first thing he did was take my cousin by the hand and put her in the care of a young woman who was with the armed thugs.

We were brought back home taken into care and fostered. The first thing I did was burn my hijabs and burquas and ate a hamburger and pork sausages! I then turned vegetarian!!! I felt free because for the first time in my life I could talk to boys outside my family. I went on holiday and I wore a bikini. I felt free. It’s only when you escape Islam you realise how oppressed you are. Any Islamic woman who thinks she is not oppressed is deluded. You only realise how oppressed you are when you leave that prison they call Islam! I have converted to Christianity. My family have said that since I left the religion and dishonoured them they will kill me if they see me again. They also lost a huge amount of money because I didn’t go through the arranged marriage. That’s why I have a new name etc and hide my photo on social media.

My family are under a restraining order-they are not allowed to come anywhere near me or my cousin. I know there are tens of thousands of good Muslims and I do love your videos. Keep up the great work but spare a thought for people like me. (12)

Please look for the warning signs (13)

Now please look at this near- tragic case.

How do you get divorced

The procedure is a long matter.

You apply if the 5 grounds for divorce have been met (15.)

  • Adultery
  • Unreasonable Behaviour.
  • Desertion: Your husband or wife has left you for at least 2 years before you apply for divorce. You can still claim desertion if you have lived together for up to a total of 6 months in this period, but that will not count towards the 2 years.
  • You’ve been separated for at least 2 years. You can apply for a divorce if you’ve been separated for at least 2 years before applying for divorce and you both agree to it. Your husband or wife must agree in writing. It may be possible for you to show that you’ve been separated while living in the same home as your wife or husband as long as you’re not living together as a couple (for example you sleep and eat apart)
  • You’ve been separated for at least 5 years. You can apply for a divorce if you’ve been separated for at least 5 years before applying, even if you husband or wife disagrees

If they have been met and both parties agree then you get decree nisi. After 43 days you get decree absolute and it’s over and done with. If your spouse contests it then it goes to court.

How this relates to Brexit

Well, the people of Britain were forced into a relationship with Europe. The public was never consulted. We had to surrender our powers and sign the European Communities Act. Under this law the UK Parliament passed the European Communities Act. It gave direct effect to EU law and meant that if there was a conflict between an act of the British Parliament and EU law, Parliament lost out and EU law prevailed .

We were taken into the EU illegally. An article by Vernon Cole explains PM Edward Heath should have held a Referendum before he signed the treaty that gave away our sovereignty to the EU. Parliament has legal sovereignty, but the people have political sovereignty. In 1972, Heath was afraid to hold a Referendum, because there was huge antipathy to the Common Market at that time. (2 to 1). So without holding the requisite Referendum, he signed the European Communities Bill, making us part of the Common Market that later became the EU.

Vernon Cole says: “In 1972 when Heath decided to take Britain into the Common Market, he used Parliament’s legal sovereignty to deny and permanently limit the political sovereignty of the electorate. Heath and Parliament changed the basic rules and they did not have the right (legal or moral) to do that. The 1972 European Communities Bill wasn’t just another Act of Parliament. Heath’s Bill used Parliament’s legal sovereignty, and status as representative of the electorate, to deny the fundamental rights of the electorate.

In an attempt to make our membership legal, Harold Wilson held a “retrospective Referendum”, but according to many British constitutional experts, this referendum was also illegal.

Mr. Cole says: “Attempts through the courts to annul our membership of the European Union on the basis that Parliament acted improperly have failed because Parliament, through its legal sovereignty, is the source of the law in Britain and the courts are, therefore, unable to challenge any Parliamentary Act.”

Sometimes in a forced arranged marriage, they force them to publicly renew their vows for honour reasons.

Over the years the EU has plundered us of our wealth, abused us, humiliated us, robbed us, and repeatedly raped the British public. In exactly the same way as an abusive husband can abuse, humiliate, rob, and rape his vulnerable wife.

Now we have made a decision to leave the EU the community from which we are leaving is going hell for leather to stop us leaving. Let’s consider the reasons.

  • Honour- the fact that we are leaving sends a signal to the world that membership of the EU is not all it’s cracked up to be.
  • Loss of money. When we leave the EU they will be £50 million a day down. Before he died I attended a lecture from the late Tony Benn MP who said that if there was ever a referendum to leave the EU the politicians would fight tooth and nail to stay in the EU because they get paid a fortune by the EU. If anything the EU owes us money.
  • They are worried others will leave.
  • They are worried that they will not be able to get other countries to join the EU e.g. Russia.

Prorogue of Parliament

The Prime Minister prorogued Parliament in exactly the same way as you get a restraining order against a violently abusive husband. The session of Parliament was initiated by a Queen’s speech under Prime Minister Theresa May’s government. PM Boris Johnson wanted to see out her term of office by a suspension of parliament with a new Queen’s speech under his authority.

What you can do

  1. Write to your elected officials and simply ask them to legislate on the above matters.
  2. Join the full-time mother programme: http://www.doyouwanttobeafulltimemother.com despite the name everyone is welcome. I get people on multiple sources of income so they can’t be financially bullied into the above.
  3. Download the boycott list from http://www.halalandkosher.co.uk both halal and kosher-certified items carry a religious tax on them which funds forced marriage in their communities.
  4. Share this video blog to social media using the icons above.
  5. Like my Facebook page James Bond petitions so I can help change the law.

Jacob Rees Mogg, the leader of the House of Commons, has said that the only petitions that will be debated in parliament are petitions on the parliamentary petitions website.

Let me explain how these petitions work. If you get 10,000 signatures the government has to respond. If the response is not good enough they can ask for another one. If that isn’t good enough they can summon that minister in for questioning.

I am very good with parliamentary petitions. 4 of them have got a response from the government and I have secured one debate in parliament. I have also brought about a public consultation on halal and slaughter.

Who am I?

My name is Bond, Dr. James Bond, I am a health and fitness expert and a Sheffield Star fitness columnist. I have also been featured in the Daily Mail. I work with people who want to improve their quality of life- particularly those who want to lose weight. What makes my service different is that I am the only personal fitness trainer in the North of England who is a qualified medical doctor. Therefore I can take on the general public and super high-risk cases that other fitness professionals will not dare like this lady, the case of Deborah Fox.


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Date checked Saturday 20th November 2021