An open letter to Shamima Begum

James Bond
3 min readMar 18, 2021

Like you I am a 2nd generation ethnic minority. My parents are Indian. I was born and raised in the UK. My parents both worked in the NHS. My Dad paid some £2.5 million in taxes to the taxman over his working life.

I served in HM Armed forces. My loyalty is to the United Kingdom. The UK is my home. I respect it’s culture, values and laws. I ensure I positively contribute to UK society. When I was 15 the worst I ever did was bunk off school games.

Your father is on welfare benefits living in Bangladesh milking money of the UK taxpayer supporting his multiple wives. Your parents are Bangladeshi but you were born and raised in the UK.

One definition of grooming is an inappropriate trusting relationship between a victim and someone of power in the absence of knowledge from the victim’s family. To the best of my knowledge. Your parents took you to events where you were radicalised. Therefore to my mind you were not groomed. Your father knew about this and encouraged it. He should also be on trial.

You joined a terrorist organisation and you knew what you were doing. You left to join an organisation that is vehemently opposed to the liberties , freedoms and way of life that you have in the UK. Under their proposed system you’d never get free healthcare or schools like you grew up with. You wouldn’t have the freedoms you have and the rights you have. In their proposed system you would be subservient to your husband and obey him at all times. You would have to walk 4 steps behind him at all times. He would be allowed to beat you at the drop of a hat.

In any event that flies in the face of what the Quran teaches. The Quran teaches that you must follow the law of the country you live in. You must be a fine upstanding model citizen respected by all and you *must* make a positive contribution to that country’s society.

The best example of this is the great Imran Hameed who runs the Bearded Broz- a foodbank in the midlands. Each member of his honourable organizaton has done more good for the community in the first minute of the day than you have in your entire time helping ISIS.

You should watch this video and I would encourage everybody to ditch the idea of joining such a terrorist organisation and do good by volunteering for good organisations such as the Bearded Bros. I just love the bit where he talks about Jodie and says “we can’t get rid of her now!”

VERY POWERFUL VIDEO! ‘Don’t just say you’re a Muslim, show you’re a Muslim’

Under the teachings of the Quran a wife must obey her husband at all times. However a husband must obey his wife at all times- it never ceases to amaze me at how many forget that little detail.

I never forget asking one of my Dad’s three Islamic best friends “It it true that a Muslim wife must obey her husband at all times and be under his control.” All three of them looked at each other and rolled about laughing. They said “You just try telling your aunties that!”

The Quran teaches that a woman’s place is above that of God. “If you hit a woman once you hit me 10 times. If you make a woman bleed you cut off my arm.”

Had the terrorist organisation you joined won you would be there happily in Syria. They lost — well you live with it.

I have friends who served in the Army fighting that organisation. Sadly some of them never came home. They died out there. If they never came home fighting to protect us from that organisation why should someone who supported that organisation come home?

You are a Bangladeshi national- go live there if they’ll take you but as far as I am concerned you relinquished your right to call the UK your home the day you left to fight for them.

I welcome the comments from the people of the UK.


1 VERY POWERFUL VIDEO! ‘Don’t just say you’re a Muslim, show you’re a Muslim’