Boris Johnson plays the EU for fools

James Bond
2 min readOct 28, 2019

Please do not worry about the EU’s extension till 31st January 2020. They have played straight into Boris’ hands and I can’t believe the opposition and the EU have been so stupid. If you read this to the end you’ll see why.

The repealing of the 1972 European Communities Act comes into force on Friday of this week. (1) and (2.)

Under that law, if there was a conflict between EU law and UK law EU law prevailed. Hence Article 50 supersedes the Benn Act and the Letwin Acts. Boris wanted to expose the traitors and so whilst the 1972 Act was in force he had no choice but to put forward Ms. May’s withdrawal act whilst that act is still in force.

On Thursday the act is repealed. We take back control and we walk away and there is nothing they can do.

The EU is acting like energy companies (3).

On a part-time basis, I am an energy broker and I do this all the time. Under the terms and conditions of commercial energy contracts, you can only tell your supplier during a narrow window period that you want to cancel–at a time of their choosing, not yours. If you don’t they can legally extend the contract as long as they want to and raise the rates as much as they want. It’s caused many businesses to fold. If you want to leave during your contracted period you have to pay the money would have paid for the whole contract. So if you were in a 5-year contract and you wanted to leave after 1 year you’d have to pay 4 year’s worth. Or you’d have to pay a huge sum and comply with some humiliating terms to avoid legal action if you were in arrears. (Does this sound like the Theresa May’s withdrawal bill.)

Boris had to delay the repealing to expose the self-serving Labour politicians and traitors in order to win a general election but he did so using the protection of Article 50. The Benn Acts and the Letwin Acts are meaningless because after Royal Assent there must be a commencement order signed by the PM. If he has any sense he’ll make that 1st November!

Once you terminate the contract during the narrow window period and you’ve cleared your arrears you can walk away and there is nothing they can do.

In conclusion the EU and the opposition have been played for fools and Boris has been a master tactician.


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