Bullies drove young girl to suicide

James Bond
9 min readJul 14, 2019

Philip Schofield broke down on National TV.

Sometime, ago there was considerable social media coverage of Philip Schofield of This morning breaking down on national TV when he heard the story of the suicide of Megan Evans as told by her mother. Megan killed herself due to bullying behaviour.

When I saw it, I was reminded what happened to me when I was a kid. i only wish that today’s technology was available then. However, it appears to me that nothing has changed.

I have considerable experience in training bullied school children. In each and every case the school bully has backed down. Here I write from my own experience.

This video always brings tears to my eyes. (2)

Who is at risk?

Every school child is at risk. Bullies do not discriminate on who they pick on. They just pick on people who are different. Any child who appears to have few friends, gets low grades is especially at risk. It’s a vicious circle because as the bullying goes on the kid’s self-esteem gets worse and the grades suffer. However, in my case, the grades were the only things that my family cared about.

Conversely, people who get super high grades are also prone to bullying. Anyone who has ever seen Back to the Future will see that George McFly got bullied by Biff who got him to do his homework for him.

Anyone of any different height, weight, race, religion, social, economic, ethnic or cultural status is at very high risk. Kids who are small get picked on. Kids who are tall often get taunted because of their height. Kids who are overweight are prone for two reasons. They tend to have few friends and if they get into a fight they can’t run away nor can they fight back, they don’t have the stamina. If you are non-white or non-christian then the bullies really will go for you. If you are of lower income background then they will pick on you. If you are from a rich background they will pick on you and try and get your money off you.

How do bullies bully?

Physical: Bullies very often thump their victims.

Emotional: Name calling is very common and its very easy for a teacher or adult to say ignore them-they are not the ones hearing it.

Neglect. Very often the victims become social outcasts with no friends. All too often the other pupils will not talk to the victim or sit with them in class, eat with them at lunchtimes, pair up with them in school sports. They certainly will not engage in social activities after school

Sexual. It is very common for victims to be sexually molested by bullies. I even know of cases of young female students being filmed going to the bathroom and the film being passed around. Taking a video of the pupil in the shower is also very common.

Online. Sending abusive messages on social media or text messaging is also becoming increasingly common. I would advise all such messages be printed off. The problem here is that there are applications that can be downloaded where you can hide the sender.

Downgrade. Bullying teachers can often downgrade their students performance and very often the student is unable to do anything about it. I remember Mr. Rigby my geography teacher at Ormskirk grammar gave me0 out of 10 for a piece of homework and made me sit a detention for it. Its only when I challenged him saying that I copied the work from another pupil who got 10 out of 10 he backed down.

A warning. Such kids are easy targets for grooming gangs.

The other thing is that they are also breeding grounds for serial killers.

My own experience at Scarisbrick Hall school


I had some teachers who were very abusive. There was one called William Mason (deceased) who used to shout at his pupils so much they’d cry. Worse still if he didn’t like you he’d downgrade your work at the drop of a hat. I was pleased when I found out he’d died.

There was one lady called Mrs. Bisset and I’ll never forget the way she bullied two girls in my class. One was asked what she wanted to be when she grew up she said “A vet.” The teacher said, “You’ll never be a vet-you are better of becoming an animal.” The way she treated a young girl called MC was deplorable. If today’s laws applied Mrs. Bisset would be in jail. I wonder how Mrs. Bisset would react if she know that the girl who she said would be better off becoming an animal is now a barrister and who has a thriving sideline restaurant business.

The worst was the physical education teacher Mr. Rob MacFarlane. He used to thump pupils at the drop of a hat. Again I wonder how he’d react if he found out I am now a personal trainer who teaches self-defence?

Then there was David Raynor- the headmaster who falsely framed my brother and had him expelled for drinking alcohol at the age of 16. In the end, it turned out my brother was completely innocent. At the time my brother was expelled I got loads of abuse and I had to be moved school.

My own experience at Ormskirk Grammar School

I had some terrible teachers who used to really pick on me. Mr. Whiting was one of the worst. He was a Chemistry teacher. I wonder how he’d react if he knew that I got a Grade A at A level chemistry.

I remember one incident very well when some of the school bullies were picking on me. One of the teachers caught one of the pupils hitting me. This teacher said “I don’t want you hitting him like that. “ He laughed.

“I want you to hit him like THIS.” He then kicked me in my tummy and I fell to the ground. He then stamped on my head. However unbeknown to him the school governors saw him do this. Once I’d seen the school nurse I was called in to see the governors. One asked me how long this had gone on. I said “the three years I’ve been here.” She looked at the headmaster and asked why nothing had been done. He said “He’s the only Indian in the school. What does it matter?” I told the governor that I’d passed the entrance exam to St. Mary’s in Crosby and I would be leaving at the end of the term. She was not happy but I doubt any action would be taken.

I was pleased when Ormskirk Grammar closed down.

What do you do if you are being bullied?

The worst thing you can do is tell your teachers unless you have video proof. Trust me when I say your teachers will always back the bully especially if the bully is white and you are an ethnic minority.

Remember every teacher is a bully until proven otherwise.

If possible get a mobile phone and record everything. Keep it on at all times. You can get cheap flip cameras as well. Keep them recording from the moment you leave home till the moment you get back. Then give your evidence to the police and file charges. The embarrassment will force your school to take action and if your bully gets a criminal record they’ll find it super hard to get work. When the police turn up at your bully’s house and scare the parents then things change.

Stay visible. Bullies hate being exposed so make sure you can be seen at all times. I used to join the lunchtime computer club so that at lunchtime I went into a room where a friendly teacher was present.

Stay in a group. If possible stay in a group of people. Safety in numbers is a great thing.

Learn a martial art. This is very important- learn a martial art but don’t tell anyone you are doing it. Things changed for me a lot when I broke the arm of one of my bullies a few years after I left school.I would like to see everybody able to defend themselves like this lady.

March 2014 -the attempted mugging

In March 2014 on my way home from a client, I went to the supermarket to get some food. The client had paid me quite a bit of money in cash and some thugs noticed an inflated wallet as I went to the cashier.

Outside they tried to get me to give them my wallet- bad move! Never mess with someone trained in self-defence! I did offer them the opportunity to walk away unscathed and unharmed. Still, the idiots didn’t listen so I dealt with them.

Now I haven’t reported this to the police for one simple reason. I am an ethnic minority. The powers that be will not deal with a crime where the victim is a foreigner and the perpetrators are white. Even if the police did investigate the crown prosecution service will do a poor job in prosecution and the judge is likely to be biased. This is why I always recommend that if you are of non-white background you never report a crime to the police- you are wasting your time unless you have video evidence.

My Star pupil

This young girl was being bullied. She was overweight and had asthma. She was being picked on like crazy. Her mother asked me to take her on. I said that she’s only 11 I’d never pass a criminal records bureau check-even though three of those who stitched me up could easily be found guilty of perjury.

However, her mother insisted. About a year later she thumped her bullies and put a few in hospital.

Action against teachers who bully

We need to take more action against teachers who are bullies. I would say from my own experience that no school pupil should EVER be with a teacher without any kind of recording device and a witness. Submit your school work electronically and keep an unmarked copy in case it needs to be re-marked.

Better security at schools

We need to ensure that all school playgrounds, corridors and classrooms are covered by closed circuit television cameras. Someone should be monitoring those video camera footage at all times. I’d like to see former military personnel patrol schools.

Acceptance of different groups

It still never ceases to amaze me that we still don’t accept people of different groups.

The best revenge ever-success

Nothing upsets a bully more than success.

Mr. Harland the PE teacher at Ormskirk Grammar was furious when I was featured in the local paper for winning a prize for swimming.

He asked me to swim for the school and I told him where to go.

That said it was great when I ran for the school cross country team against Scarisbrick Hall.

If you ever see the Karate Kid you’ll see the final scene where Danny Laruso wins with the Crane Kick.


Remember if you are being bullied it says more about the bully than it says about you.

Get evidence. Don’t let them get you down and then get revenge. The best revenge ever is success.

One of my happiest moments was when I was at my parent’s house the the bins were being emptied. I noticed the guy taking the bins. I recognised him. I said “Are you Alan Pacey?”

He said “Yes.”

I replied. “I went to school with you. What are you doing now?”

He said “I couldn’t get work so I ended up being a bin man. It’s the only work I could get.”

I replied “You won’t remember me. You bullied me at school. This is my house. I am a University student and I am going on to be a doctor. It won’t be long before I have a house like this.”

The look of horror on his face was priceless.

This video shows the point perfectly. In this video you can see a woman who left her boyfriend because he was poor. Watch what happens.

What I want you to do.

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