Doctor tells a lesbian couple who want a baby “sleep with a man.”

James Bond
2 min readJan 24, 2024


Today the Independent ran an article called “Lesbian couple who want a baby ‘told by GP to sleep with a man’” (1)

It’s hardly likely to happen.

I used to do security at a swingers club and I promise you that you can always tell when a man runs out of the club breaking the land speed record. It’s when two or more women ask a man to join in with all of them. Most men are very macho saying they can do it. However when the moment of truth comes for them to get their kit off and do the deed they always do a runner!

I used to live with two bisexual women and they could NEVER find a guy to share with them for that reason.

It’s really funny to watch!

This video shows what happens when most men find out their girlfriends like women. Do not watch if you are easily upset.

In fact you may want to see my video blog called My heart cries for these women at Christmas which is available from


  1. Lesbian couple who want a baby ‘told by GP to sleep with a man’
  2. He found his girlfriend in bed with a woman