Domestic violence surges during the coronavirus pandemic.

  • Nothing you do is good enough for them.
  • They comment on the slightest flaw or perceived imperfection.
  • They drag up the past and won’t let you be any different.
  • They leave you feeling guilty and ashamed of who you are.
  • They are critical, controlling and don’t think about your needs.
  • They leave you feeling beaten, wounded, battered, bruised and torn.
  • They violate your boundaries, and never respect “no.”
  • They don’t care about your feelings and like to see you suffer.
  • It’s always about them, and what they think and want.
  • They constantly deny that they have ever behaved in the above fashion.

Signs to look out for in domestic abuse victims

  • physical injuries
  • excuses for frequent injuries
  • stress, anxiety or depression
  • absent from work and social occasions
  • personality changes — being jumpy or nervous
  • low self-esteem
  • lack of independent communication
  • self-blame
  • increased alcohol or drug use
  • lack of money
  • damage to property.

Signs to look out for in an abuser

  • controlling behaviour
  • bullying
  • being forced into a sexual act
  • humiliation
  • constant yelling and shouting
  • the threat or use of violence
  • destroying personal items
  • limiting contact with family, friends and work colleagues
  • checking up on your whereabouts
  • accusing you, the victim, of committing the abuse when it is the other way around.
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  2. Rise in domestic abuse from COVID-19 lockdown and what you can do about it
  3. Priti Patel announces help for domestic abuse victims during lockdown 11th April 2020
  4. Signs of domestic abuse (Cambridgeshire police)



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