Don’t let the UK be overrun with immigrants- the view of the son of two legal immigrants

James Bond
5 min readAug 29, 2019

You may find it a bit strange that I say this because I am the son of two LEGAL immigrants.

However, it is happening unless we wake up. Britain will be overrun with foreigners. We are at risk of being outbred. I am a 2nd generation Indian Hindu (not practising) I have seen first hand what can happen. Don’t let this happen to you. You can go on all the protest marches you want. It’ll count for nothing. Call me a racist if you want but check out (1) Vatican Cardinal Warns the West ‘Will Disappear’ Due to Mass Migration.

My view on refugees is simple. Genuine asylum seeker, no problem. genuine refugee no problem. However I find it absolutely shameful we didn’t grant asylum to Asia Bibby. We should have been the first ones to give her asylum.

Whenever I look at the media coverage of these people coming across the Mediterranean sea all I see is fit healthy men. Where are the women and children? These are not refugees. They are economic migrants who want our free benefits. I endorse what President Trump has done. He publicly declared that it cost the US taxpayer some $250,000 to take in one such migrant. However it cost Saudi Arabia some $5,000 to take in one such migrant. Thus Trump started sending them to Saudi Arabia.

That makes sense, most of these migrants are from Islamic countries and so they are being sent to a country whose culture they are familiar with. Trust me-it’s not fun being torn between two cultures! For some reason many of them decide not to try and go to the USA for that reason. Is it because there are no free benefits in Saudi Arabia?

On top of that. I have no problem with any immigrant irrespective of race, religion, ethnicity, colour or creed. However, before coming to any country they must fufill certain criteria.

They must come legally.

They have a good command of the native language.

They must give the undertaking to respect our laws.

They must give the undertaking to respect our culture.

They must fully integrate with our society.

They must be in good health.

Most of all they must be able to make a positive contribution to the host country’s society. Consider Arnold Schwarzenegger- who was an immigrant.

Consider my Dad. He is an immigrant from India in 1969. The world’s most devout Hindu. He never claimed a penny in welfare payments. He arrived in the UK with £5. The following day he was at work in a hospital in a pre-arranged job. He was fluent in the English language. He was a family doctor for over 30 years. He employed 10–15 people and paid at least £30,000 a year in taxes. His only criminal offence was to get a parking ticket which was quashed on appeal when he proved he was seeing a patient with a heart attack and had to park in an emergency. If any family member ever went on welfare he would insist that whilst on welfare you worked voluntarily at a charity shop to give back. He gave a lot of money to charity.

I have YET to find anyone who objects to such immigrants. Even those on the so-called “far right.” I have met people from For Britain, the UK Independence Party, the Brexit Party and even Britain First who have all said that such immigrants will be welcomed with open arms. I have even met Tommy Robinson the activist. I asked him if immigrants like my Dad would be welcome to the UK and he said “Any day of the week mate.”

Just taking in immigrants left right and centre does them no good at all. They need their skilled workers more than we do. It is not right that we take on their doctors, their nurses, their pharmacists, their engineers etc. They need them more than we do!

This video (3) explains things beautifully.

There is no point in taking their doctors and the like. At most we can bring some of their students to be trained as doctors in the UK on the understanding that they go back to their home countries. The same applies to many other industries. We should be doing ethical trade deals with these countries.

Open borders only puts your own people at risk as (4) shows.

I wholly endorse the policy of Matteo Salvini Deputy Prime Minister of Italy and Minister of the Interior on this matter (5.) He is putting his own country first.

So are such policies racist? Not at all. Look at what Polish MP Dominik Tarczynsk has to say on illegal immigrants. (6.)

It’s taken some time but finally the UK Prime Minister has decided to sent illegals back. (7.)

Clearly like me he doesn’t want immigrants like these people (8) and (9.)

For all those who accuse President Trump of racism in his immigration policies.

Here you can see President Bill Clinton endorsing President Trump’s immigration policies.

What you can do

Use your vote and vote appropriately at your next election. Also do not buy from any business using illegal immigrants.


In conclusion I wholly oppose mass uncontrolled immigration but I have no problem whatsoever with controlled quality immigration. It’s high time that all governments realised that.

I would like to see a ban on all immigration coming to the UK for the next 5 years.


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