Fantastic news from a local shop

James Bond
1 min readDec 4, 2023
Photo by irfan hakim on Unsplash

Yesterday I went into The Crooked Cafe for my lunch. They got hit really bad during COVID-19 and they could only afford to open Friday, Saturday, and Sunday due to rising fuel costs. I was delighted to find out two things yesterday.

They are now getting so busy between Friday to Sunday that they are turning business away. Soon they will have to decide on extending their opening hours. I am also aware that the majority of their customers are paying in cash. The people have spoken.

You may be aware that if you get a it of snow to make a snowball and roll it down a hill then you have to keep rolling it. However, a time comes when that snowball is getting bigger and bigger, and soon it can roll down the hill under its own momentum getting bigger and bigger. That is what is happening with the cash revolution.

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