He caught his girlfriend in bed with a woman- his reaction is not what you’d expect.

James Bond
5 min readJul 28, 2019

It’s every man’s dream-to go to bed with two women.

Not so! This video is a reaction I have seen more times than I care to count.

The mainstay of my training is boxing and the overwhelming majority of my clients are women. To be honest if you gave me a choice between training guys and training women, I’d train women all day long.

I always ask why they want to learn what I teach. Some of my bond girls tell me up front. However for some it takes a few weeks or even months for them to tell me. I always get suspicious when I train a lady who has been single for a while. I am not homophobic. I have friends who are heterosexual, lesbian, gay, bisexual and I even have an acquaintance who calls himself trisexual- he’ll try anything!

However when I was a junior doctor I used to see a *LOT* of domestic violence and this is something I used to see all the time.

Ms. Z

Ms. Z and I chatted online for a while. We spoke on the phone and then a few days later she told me that she was on a coach on her way up to visit me- I hadn’t invited her but hey I thought why not?

When she turned up she asked me a question.

“Are you of Hindu background?”

“Yes” I replied.”

She then gave me the Rakhi band and tied it around my wrist. In case you don’t know-the Rakhi band revolves around a beautiful story.

There was a small kingdom in India which was being invaded. The Queen’s forces were heavily outnumbered. She sent a message to a local neighbouring King with a little band and a message detailing her plight. The message said “I need help, you are my brother please help.” This king was so moved he sent his entire forces which thwarted the invaders but sadly it was too late. The Queen had passed away. This is why in mid August every year there is the festival of Rakhi named after this lady.

Anyway I arranged a meal for her and then we decided to go out. As she was getting ready I noticed some bruises on her. She came out to me- she admitted to me that her boyfriend had caught her in bed with a woman; he threw the other woman out and then beat her up.

I asked why she popped up to see me- she said it was because she had to escape him. She’d come out of hospital whilst her boyfriend was at work. She went home and collected a few belongings and then headed out of town- hundreds of miles away where her boyfriend would not know where she was.

Luckily since she had been to hospital all the injuries were medically documented. I encouraged her to press charges against her ex-boyfriend.

It’s now 10 years later she has a normal life but to this day struggles to find a loving boyfriend.


This lady was a friend of mine at university. She never had boyfriends who lasted for long-at most 2–3 weeks. After university all her friends were on the path to marriage- apart from her. She moved in with me during her final year at university. She is as sweet as apple pie with honey and sugar on top. However she can never maintain a relationship with a man for more than a month. There is only one reason. She loves women too.

Ms. X

This lady is a friend of Ms. Y. She moved in at the same time as Ms Y. Like the other ladies in this blog she could never find a boyfriend. I knew, she knew that I knew but nobody said anything. Until one fateful day.

If my housemates ever go for a night on the town I always check on them the following morning. There is a reason. They say that meningitis is more common among students. The theory is that students live in halls of residence and so by living in close proximity the bacteria can easily pass.

That is no doubt true. However it doesn’t help when people think that they are just drunk or have a hangover! In this case I checked on her and when I did I found her in bed with another woman. I didn’t bat an eyelid. During breakfast the other lady told us all she was married but her husband was been away for the weekend and she wanted to spend the night with a lady.

I find that truly saddening. I also find it heart-breaking that Ms. X cannot find a boyfriend.

Ms. W

This lady was again a housemate of mine.

She’d been single for quite a while, like the other ladies she was also into women. Anyway they had dinner and they went to her room to watch a DVD. Then within minutes I heard a scream and she called to me for help. I rushed to her room and then opened the door. Her bloke had hit her, knocked her to the ground and was about to kick her. That was a bad move. I restrained him, opened the window and threw him out. I knew what had happened. She’d come out to him.

This lady luckily is now engaged to be married and her boyfriend knows. However unlike the overwhelming majority of men he’s fine about it. She is one of the lucky ones.

Ms. V

This lady was again a housemate of mine. This lady was eternally single. No relationship ever lasted more than a week. I knew why, every so often she’d go to a gay bar and bring a lady home. I remember once consoling her when her mother called her a cheap whore on finding out how many lads she was going through.

Some years later she’s now married. When I caught up with her I asked “Does he know?” She says “No and it’s a secret that will stay with me forever. Although I love him, it’s a part of me he’ll never know about.”

Please don’t crack jokes

So ladies and gentlemen, spare a thought for these women.


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