Home deliveries: let’s keep people in work

James Bond
2 min readOct 10, 2022

Home deliveries have become super common after covid.

Please do something to keep people in work.

A few days ago my family placed an order for an item online. I looked at the shipping options and click and collect from a garage or a supermarket was near enough the same as delivery to home. I asked for click and collect to a garage for several reasons.

1) If none of us are in the courier doesn’t have to leave a card. The garage signs for it. It means you haven’t got to stay in all day waiting for a delivery. Just pick it up within 7 days at your convenience.

2) The garage gets a little fee (about 20p) for such a delivery.

3) It keeps the staff at the supermarket or garage in work.

The only downside is the the courier gets some 50p per home delivery and if they do multiple deliveries to a garage or supermarket they get a fixed amount. Nothing is perfect.

On that front if you do get a delivery to home please give a £1 tip. If you ever order takeaway food please pay first when you order and give the person who delivers a tip. Often they are paid peanuts so this does help them a great deal.

Simple steps like this can keep people in work at no cost or very little cost to ourselves. That person whose job you save is someone’s son or daughter. Would you like someone to help save your son or daughters job?


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