I had to call the police to save a dog in a hot car

James Bond
2 min readJul 2, 2022


There have been a lot of posts recently about the risk of leaving dogs and children in cars. On Saturday 27th July 2022 I found a dog left in a van and I called the police.

I was about to break the window but the vehicle was moved just before I was about to break the window. However the police did find the guy and I understand he’s been given a warning. Please be assured if I find a dog in a vehicle with closed windows at this time of year I will break the windows if I think the dog is in distress.

When I was owned by a dog (notice the terminology) these were the rules. Ben (my dog) only got in a car if I got in the car. There had to be a very good reason. “I want to take Ben for a drive” was not a good reason.

Before he got in the car the doors had to be opened for 10 minutes, then I would get in, then he’d follow. Then immediately the air conditioning was put on. If I got out of the car- he got out of the car. He would never be left in the car at all. Mind you in the 12 years we had Ben he never got in the car in summer at all.

Ben was put down quite some time ago. I’ve never had a dog since because there is always the risk that I’d compare the 2nd dog to Ben and that wouldn’t be fair. The other reason being that you get so attached to them that I couldn’t take that loss of a pet ever again.

However please be assured if I see a dog in a car I am going to break your windows to rescue your dog.

(Photo taken from https://www.thekennelclub.org.uk/health-and-dog-care/health/health-and-care/a-z-of-health-and-care-issues/car-dangers-on-warm-days/)