If you don’t love your dog as much as your children don’t get one.

James Bond
2 min readDec 3, 2023

This is how I got my dog.

His human could not afford him and gave him to us. With his previous human, he got 1/2 a can of dog food every other day. With us, he got one can a day. Well that was until the day my Dad decided that dog food was not good enough for him. He ate what we ate. We decided that if the food was not good enough for humans it wasn’t good enough for our dog!

His previous human said he liked milk. The first thing my Dad did was tell the milkman he wanted another pint of milk a day!

When my dog arrived he was just literally skin and bone. Within a month he was full of life with a shiny coat. You would not believe the difference.

I never forget the time we took him to the vet with a hurt paw. The vet prescribed a drug called phenylbutazone. My Dad being a family doctor went crazy. He rang up the vet asking why he had prescribed phenylbutazone when it had been banned on humans. The vet said it’s very safe on dogs.

My Dad sent it back and wrote a private prescription for the human equivalent! Dad said if it’s not good enough for humans it’s not going anywhere near his dog!

Dogs take as much love and work as a child but you could give me all the money in the world or give me my time with my dog again. My dog would win every single time. My dog wasn’t my pet. He was my world, he was my life, he was my everything. You could set your clock by him coming up to me at 7:30 pm wanting his dinner. If I was a good human and gave him a good dinner he would reward me, by taking me on my walk!

I’ve never had a dog since for several reasons. Firstly there is the slight risk I could compare the 2nd dog to my first and that is not fair. Secondly, for a long time, I didn’t have the money for a dog- not now. Lastly, and most importantly, when my dog passed away I felt my heart had been ripped out. There is a chance I could outlive the dog. I couldn’t go through that again.

In conclusion, if you don’t love your dog as much as your children don’t get one.