Let’s help save our post offices

James Bond
2 min readOct 27, 2023


Recently I went to pay my vehicle tax (also known as road tax in the UK) in cash at the post office. There is a big sign outside my local post office saying “If you pay your road tax online or by direct debit you risk closing this post office.”

You will only realize what you’ve lost when it’s too late.

I am all for helping the little guy so I’ve done it at the post office. Here is proof. Whether I pay online or at my local post office I still pay the same so why not keep someone in my local community in work. Every time the post office does this they get paid an item of service fee at no cost to me and it’s done instantly. I have a receipt so nobody can every say that I’ve not paid it.

As long as I breathe oxygen I will NEVER do my road tax online or by direct debit for this reason. I put money aside every month for this.

I ask you all to do the same.

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Photo from https://councillorrichardmacrae.co.uk/2022/07/06/stapleford-post-office-set-to-close/