Let’s keep people in work- let’s buy local.

James Bond
2 min readAug 12, 2019

If you read my blog (1) you’ll see that the number one cause of obesity is poverty.

If we wait for our governments to sort out poverty then we are in for a very long wait. So let’s do something ourselves.

There have been stories about the UK suffering financial losses due to us leaving the European Union. I do not believe this for a minute. However just to keep the scaremongers at bay the solution is simple. This can be reversed if we all buy home made products.

This video sums up a big part of the problem.

Recently there was considerable media coverage about the closure of the British Steel plants in Scunthorpe (3.) Well if the UK government had given government contracts to UK companies it may have been prevented. I find it somewhat scandalous that Sheffield’s trams are now being built in Spain (4.)

Let’s sort it out and buy local. This picture sums it up.

So let’s all take practical steps.

Let’s all stop using supermarket self-service checkouts. It doesn’t cost any more to go to the checkout so why not keep someone in work?

Whenever possible please shop at a local shop, buy a British item and pay in cash.

The best example was Mahatma Gandhi who brought the British Raj in India to its financial knees by ensuring that the Indians didn’t buy clothing from the UK but only bought homespun clothing. Speaking as the great great grandson of someone who marched with this great man I can tell you that one of the main reasons why the British had to leave India was because they couldn’t afford it.


In conclusion, if we can all buy homemade items from a local trader and in cash we can go along way to keep people in work.


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