Let’s kick breast cancer where it hurts- World No Bra day Tuesday 13th October 2021

James Bond
2 min readOct 13, 2021

Today is world no bra day — a day when women are encouraged to go braless to raise awareness of breast cancer. Today, speaking as a former doctor, I am going to tell you what you can do about it.

However recently I was deeply saddened to hear the news that Sarah Harding of Girls Aloud has passed away after losing her fight against breast cancer.

I have seen GA in concert multiple times. Sarah was an inspiration to many girls worldwide. I have worked on a cancer unit and one thing that every cancer sufferer wants is to ensure is that nobody suffers as they do. I am assuming that this is one thing her family would want.

Here I detail how you can reduce your risk.

A tribute to Sarah Harding from Nadine Coyle.

One of my greatest moments when I was at the Sheffield Girls Aloud concert. I queued up overnight to get tickets. I got front row seats and I even blew a kiss to Nadine and she blew one back. I doubt very much she remembered but it was one of my happiest moments? She can now say she blew a kiss to James Bond!

Now let me tell you how to reduce your risk of Breast cancer.

Remember what puts you at risk. FACE HANDS OFF

Never ever forget that men can get breast cancer too.

Failure to seek medical attention early.

Atypical breasts

Contralateral breast cancer. If you’ve had it in the left you are more likely to get it in the right and vice versa

Early 1st monthly cycle.

Hormone Replacement Therapy.

Alcohol intake.

Not having any kids.




Family history

Failure to seek help early

Please see this amazing video on how to do a breast self-examination

What you can do.

Do what my Dad did. Ensure every family member- whether male or female does a breast self-examination every month. Males should check their testicles at the same time.

Every 3 months being a doctor he’d examine them himself. It wasn’t to be perverted- it was out of fatherly love.

Sign this governmental petition to get breast cancer screening for the under 30s. Now let’s get this to 100,000 signatures to get a debate in parliament- go to https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/596526 and get it signed.

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