Let’s save the supermarket checkout staff and save time.

James Bond
2 min readSep 7, 2019

I saw the above picture on social media.

I shared it and I asked people not to use supermarket self-checkout machines.

I got a barrage of abuse -largely from people saying that they didn’t have time to line up at the checkout with staff on.

Well, I used to be a supermarket packer and I can tell you one way to save the supermarket checkout staff and save time.

Here is the key.

Find a till with a conveyor belt and look for one where someone is already unpacking or is about to finish unloading their trolley.

That person will soon be packing their stuff into bags or boxes or into their trolley.

As that’s being done put your stuff on the conveyor belt. By the time that person has finished packing you have unloaded everything.

All you do now is let the checkout lady (or gentleman) put your stuff through and pack your stuff away.

This is MUCH faster than going to an empty checkout or using a self-service checkout.

What you can do

Follow my advice given above and you will save time!


There is no excuse now for using the self-service checkouts. By using them you are putting people out of work and reducing the taxes your government can raise.