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Media coverage regarding taxi firm Cardy Cabs receiving ‘death threat’ over allegations of racism.

James Bond
12 min readJul 26, 2019


I was somewhat upset to read a few articles online one called Racism row taxi firm Cardy Cabs receives ‘death threat (1) and ‘Death threats’ received by taxi company which said it did not want ‘Pakistani’ drivers (2.)

It reminded me of when Fergus Wilson a property tycoon got into trouble for saying that he wouldn’t take on Asian tenants because they left the property stinking of curry. (3.)

It may be that Cardy Cabs may get into a bit of trouble for this as Fergus Wilson did. However, they may want to make a claim to the European Court of Human Rights whilst we are still in the European Union on the grounds that their article 14 their right to prohibition from Discrimination is being compromised.

I am a UK born and raised 2nd generation Indian Hindu (non-practising) and I am the son of two legal immigrants. I openly write on the promotional literature of my fitness company that I do not take on Asian clients.

It was only going to be a matter of time before taxi firms did such advertising.

Let me make some things clear.

Firstly, let me say from the outset I know many hard-working decent law-abiding Pakistani taxi drivers. I never forget at the 7th July 2005 London bombings when my Dad and I had a long trek to Euston Station and a kind hearted Islamic taxi driver picked us up and took us to Euston. We got chatting. My Dad speaks fluent Hindi, the driver spoke Urdu and if you can speak in one you can easily communicate in the other. I could understand what they were saying. This man had turned his meter off and was getting people home for free under is Zakat.

Zakat is one of the pillars of Islam where you must give 1/40th of your time or money to good causes. It’s a beautiful thing which the media has not picked up on. It isn’t too hard to find many examples of this.

I am only too aware that after the Manchester terror attacks at the Ariana Grande concert that many Islamic taxi drivers turned off their meters and got people home for free as part of their Zakat. Many of them are customers of mine for the fuel additive I am a reseller for see .

I am also aware that on that horrific night many Islamic doctors and nurses donned their white coats, made their way to hospital to assist with the wounded and never put a pay claim in. It was part of their Zakat. Some of them are friends of mine.

There has never been any media coverage of this which is reprehensible.

I have nothing but the utmost respect and admiration for the Bearded Broz- a bunch of altruistic 2nd generation Islamic people who give food for free to those in need in Birmingham. (5.) Apart from winning the lottery very few things would make me happier than to fund a Bearded Broz in every city in the UK. However being a vegan I would only be funding vegan food.

We need more like Imran and his friends.

I send them a free bottle of fuel additive any time they ask for one.

However, as Imran says there are a small minority who are giving the majority a bad name. I was delighted to see he was invited to 10 Downing Street to meet Prime Minister May. He truly deserves it.

Sadly adverts like this were bound to come around.

I do security at a gay club every now and then.

Very recently there has been considerable media coverage of the anti-gay protests by Islamic people outside schools

It must be emphasized that these people do not represent the 3 million followers of Islam in the UK. I don’t always agree with Rhiaz Khan but I have great respect for him. On this occasion (7) I agree with every word he says. The overwhelming majority are good, decent, law abiding hard working people.

I endorse what he says in that these people who you are about to see have no knowledge whatsoever and you must not listen to them.

Sadly when the media coverage of these protests came out other videos started being played like mad (8), (9) and (10.) I truly find them upsetting.

Due to this, our customers are increasingly refusing to get into taxis with an Islamic taxi driver. You can see them phoning up the taxi firms asking for a non-Islamic driver. Increasingly they are coming in groups of 4 or 5 with one designated driver so they don’t have to get a taxi. The Caucasian, Hindu or Sikh taxi drivers are doing very well and in fact they have a sign on their windows saying “I am Hindu/ Sikh” etc.

You can’t have it both ways. You can’t make money from the LGBT community and at the same time object to their lifestyle. It’s one or the other.

Worse for them a local pizzeria run by people from the Middle East near me has closed down because they mouthed off at any woman whose arms or legs were uncovered. This ultimately led to no customers! I witnessed one incident where a woman came in wearing shorts and a t-shirt and the staff mouthed off at her to the point of tears. Being a UK born and raised 2nd generation Indian Hindu I pointed out we are guests in someone else’s home.

I fear that this may contribute to increasing levels of Islamophobia which we really should be doing more to eliminate.

Even worse a report came out on (11)

Answered By:

The Mayor


Tuesday, 27th June 2017

In line with the Mayor’s commitment in the Taxi and Private Hire (TPH) Action Plan, TfL and the police now publish annual data on the number of drivers that have been charged with or summonsed to court for a TPH-journey related sexual offence. The official figures are published annually here:

During 2014 and 2015, 48 licensed drivers were charged with a TPH journey-related sexual offence against a passenger in London, 15 of these were booked through Uber London Ltd. As of October 2016, five of these had been convicted of sexual assault (not rape), six had been found not guilty and four were awaiting a court outcome.

Figures for 2016 will be published in September this year.

It is my understanding that there were a hugely disproportionate number of Islamic taxi drivers represented in that figure.

What can we do?

Sign my parliamentary petition

“Amend the licensing laws for taxi drivers

“We ask for basic criteria for taxi drivers following recent scandals. There must be a national regulatory body. The driver must have a UK address & listed on the electoral register. Drivers must be legally registered in the UK for at least 2 years- clamping down on illegal immigrant taxi drivers.

“The driver must hold a full valid UK driving license. All taxi drivers must be criminal records bureau checked. The driver must be fluent in English. Committing a crime whilst on duty as a taxi driver will result in the license being revoked. A good taxi driver will not object- see”

Why I refuse to take on Asian clients for my fitness business.

Generally speaking, an Asian will never do anything that will result in Asian making money and I can give you loads of examples of this.

If I sold a biro pen for a pound and a Caucasian person sold the exact same biro pen for £20 who do you think most Asian people would buy it off? Believe it or not, it will be the Caucasian guy.

Over the years I have had 38 Asian people come to me for taster sessions- they have come to me via my Facebook page or website and with a name like James Bond they assume it’s a Caucasian trainer. Only 5 started training with me and two of them were more hassle than they were worth.

Of the remainder 16 didn’t turn up on finding out I am Asian and they never phoned to cancel. The other 17 on seeing I am Asian tried to haggle me down to next to nothing. When the haggling failed, they all went to a lesser qualified higher-priced Caucasian trainer.

In other words, this has cost me at least £500. Indeed, when I worked at one gym, I would refer them to a Caucasian counterpart. I told my colleague to charge £70 per session and give me the remainder £30. The Asian people would rather pay Caucasian person £70 than me £30 when haggling me down to £5 per session failed.

Since then I have stopped doing free taster sessions. My leaflets have a photo of me showing I am Asian; I say all prices are final and not subject to negotiation and the first session is chargeable. If you take the training, I deduct that from your first bill. Since then I have not had one Asian person come forward. The English have no problem with that

The only exception is that a Muslim- by the Quran must do business with a Muslim over a non-Muslim.

Please note that everybody is welcome on my fitness training programme so long as they accept that all prices are final and not subject to negotiation.

Sometimes such discrimination is necessary

Sometimes this discrimination is necessary for legitimate reasons.

Strictly no smokers and no medical students

When I was a student, I used to openly write on my housing adverts “Must be non-smoker and non-medical student.” The reason being I was in hospital all day and having a medical student living with me would drive me nuts. I didn’t want a smoker because I didn’t want my house smelling of cigarettes.

A smoker or a medical student would not waste their time phoning me on seeing the advert.

It can work against you.

There was one lady who I spoke to who wanted a personal trainer. Her doctors had told her that she had obesity-induced diabetes and had to lose excess body fat. However, like me, she was of Asian background but had an English name.

When I saw her, it was obvious she was not going to hire me because of the reasons given above.

A few years later I met her in the park. Both her legs had been amputated due to peripheral vascular disease due to her diabetes. When we spoke, she regretted not training with me but admitted that she didn’t hire me because I was Asian.

She died a few years later due to a complication of diabetes, where the main blood vessel of the abdomen ruptures, I saw the news from the coroner’s inquest.

Being open about discrimination can be a good thing.

When I was a medical student there was one consultant who — reprehensibly — used to openly say that he didn’t want female medical students or female junior doctors on his firm.

If you saw his advert, you’d have to ring the secretary for an application form and if you were female you’d be told not to apply.

Now although reprehensible you wouldn’t’ waste your time applying. However, consider this. If you did get a job with him through political correctness your 6-month post would be hell, he’d treat you like crap, you’d get no teaching and he’d fail you at the drop of a hat.

How the fitness industry sometimes has to discriminate

When I was a self-employed personal trainer at Fitness First, we had loads of complaints from our male members because at certain times of day the smaller gym was women only.

Then men used to complain like mad.

However, there were legitimate reasons.

For religious reasons, some women can’t exercise in front of men. Some women find the free weights area of a gym very intimidating- effectively they are men-only areas. Some women sweat in embarrassing areas and you don’t want men looking at you if that happens. Some women’s exercises are somewhat compromising and again you don’t want some pervert leering at you when that happens. Some female gym clothing can be somewhat revealing and again you don’t want to be stared at when that happens. Lastly, when some women exercise the noise, they make can be taken the wrong way and it can be very embarrassing for that lady if men are around.

How they had to discriminate in a job interview post

When I was a medical student there was one case of an interview for a family doctor’s post. There was one Indian on the interview panel and four English doctors. There was one female doctor of Pakistani heritage who was asked by the Indian doctor if she spoke Urdu which she did. The Indian doctor said that this woman would have to be appointed. The other members of the panel went crazy. However, the Indian doctor said that in the clinic’s catchment area there were a large number of people who may not speak English but only Urdu. As well as that such women may be uncomfortable seeing a male doctor for a gynaecological issue-as any woman could feel

The great Asian tenant and the Asian tenants from hell.

I used to rent my house out to students. I had one Asian tenant called Vijay who could only be described as wonderful-he lived with me for 4 years. He was like my 2nd brother. He meant more to me than my biological relatives in the USA. When he cooked his amazing Indian dishes, he’d open the window or turn on the extractor fan. When he ate, he’d put a tea towel down to avoid the soft furniture being stained with oils from his food. He left his room in the condition he found it.

By contrast, I have had numerous Asian tenants who were — to be polite- a pain in the neck. One group never opened the window on cooking, caused all sorts of problems with condensation and left the place stinking of curry. They didn’t get their deposit back!

In future for housing adverts, I will put a photo of myself on the advert for reasons given above. However, all tenants irrespective of ethnic origin will be made aware that on cooking they have to turn on the extractor fan and put down tea towels on the soft furnishings on eating greasy food.

The problem for Fergus is that Asian people would pull out the race card and I can get away with it but he can’t.

I don’t care what race, religion, ethnicity, colour or creed you are. If you respect the property, pay your rent on time, you abide by the rules of the contract then you are most welcome. I’d take on someone like Vijay again in a heartbeat.


No matter what you do for them- they are never satisfied. Nothing is good enough for them. This is my experience with some Asian people.

My programme Operation Mums in Mind

This is a programme for mothers (and busy women) designed by mothers.

There are several options after your 7-day free trial. It works out at £1 per day.

We also recognize that when you go on maternity leave your income falls by at least half.

We are now live streaming fitness classes across the internet from our studio into your living rooms. These are not recordings- they are live. This eliminates all problems of childcare, time, weather and fear of going to the gym.

Childcare is, and always has been, the number one reason why a lot of mothers cannot exercise.

The classes are done at 9 pm UK time when (theoretically) kids under 11 years old will be in bed. By that time its cooler (in the summer at least), the working day has ended too. You work out in the comfort and safety of your living room-knowing your kids are safely tucked up in bed. You then get a bite to eat, however, you’ll then get a really good night’s sleep and wake up feeling energized in the morning- perfect for insomniacs!

Gyms make their money by people paying and not coming. By contrast, I want you to come at least 8 times a month and will ensure you do!

It breaks my heart to see people make new year’s resolutions and come December they’ve spent a year in gym membership, attended only a handful of times and its roll-on January.

I want you to attend, every weekend you get an invite to all the next week’s classes. you get a reminder 24 hours and 1 hour in advance. If you don’t attend, you’ll get a friendly nudge. When was the last time a gym did that for you?

You’ll be well on the way to getting into tip-top shape by the end of January. You’ll look better you’ll feel better; your clothes will fit you better. You’ll get compliments from your friends, you’ll turn heads, you’ll get more attention and your health will improve no end. Just go to to have a look.

In the days when it was £1 for a 10-day trial I even got solicitor’s letters from Asian prospects demanding their £1 back. This is why I put a photo of myself on my websites. Since that day I have not had one Asian person come forward.

By contrast I am a UK born and raised 2nd generation Indian Hindu. In Hinduism being LGBT is no problem. We are taught to love everybody. I have actually attended a gay marriage for two Hindu women and the Hindu priest had no problem.

1. Racism row taxi firm Cardy Cabs receives ‘death threat’

2.’Death threats’ received by taxi company which said it did not want ‘Pakistani’ drivers

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