Men jailed for sex offences against vulnerable 12-year-old girl

James Bond
2 min readMay 28, 2022

My attention was brought to the horrific acts that these men committed (1.)

I speak on behalf of every law-abiding ethnic minority in the UK when I say that we do not want such people here. Not a week goes past when I don’t get threatened for this sort of thing and I have to explain I am not from the same religion.

There are many hundreds of thousands of UK Islamics who also abhor their behaviour. I have many Islamic friends who are very decent people and who sadly are tarred by the same brush and are unfairly treated as a result.

I would remind them that their scriptures say that:

Every woman is your sister and any attempt to disrespect your sister is considered by God to be greater than an insult to God himself.,,,

“If you hit a woman once you hit me (God) ten times. If you make a woman bleed you cut off my arm.” As a follower of Islam you are meant to make a positive contribution to your community.

Although I am of Indian Hindu background I would say that we don’t want these people here.

They are a disgrace to themselves and their faith.

(1) Men jailed for sex offences against vulnerable 12-year-old girl Date checked 27th May 2022