Muslim Couple Educating Others Through TikTok

James Bond
2 min readJun 24, 2022

I wonder how this lady would feel if she lived in an Islamic country that had banned the burqa and niqab. Cameroon, Chad, Congo, Niger and Turkey have banned them on security grounds (1) and Tunisia has followed suit (2.)

There are other issues with such veils.

Health. If that lady is not exposed to sunlight, she can’t make vitamin D. If she can’t make vitamin D, she can’t absorb calcium. Due to the weight of the body the bones of the leg — the tibia and fibula can bow. It’s called rickets and it also affects kidney function. In some cases, it can be life-threatening.

Then there is mental health. If that woman’s face is not shown to the world, then she may feel inadequate and all sorts of self-esteem issues can arise.

You don’t know if it’s a man or a woman or a terrorist under that veil. If you see (3) then you’ll see that three members of a gang who wore burkas as disguises during an armed robbery at a Dundee jeweller’s shop have been jailed. I personally was attacked by 5 men in burqas and because they were covered up the police can’t do anything to pursue the case.

There is also no religious requirement. If you read this article written by Associate Professor, Dept. of Islamic Studies at Jamia Milli University New Edhi it is all explained. (4.)

Now I welcome your comments.


(1) Burka bans the countries where Muslim women can’t wear veils
(2) Tunisia becomes the latest country to ban full-face veils after a spate of terrorist attacks
(3) Burka-wearing raiders jailed for armed robbery at Dundee jewellers
(4) Here’s the truth behind the veil