My heart cries for you. My client base is full of mothers who are struggling to make ends meet. This is why I only charge £1 per day for our fitness programme. It’s also why I get all the ladies on multiple streams of income so they don’t feel the need to resort to such things. Lets face it some people are so desperate they have no choice.

However you are right. We have to end the demand. I do security at a swingers club and I know many of the “single men” who come in on singles night are married. They play away from home and see prostitutes because they want some time with someone and to be held. Let’s face it if you have a partner who nags at you all day long do you really want to be with her. It would be theoretically easy to leave her but what happens if you have kids?

I have often wondered if people were financially better off they’d be under a lot less pressure and they could spend quality time with each other.



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