One way to save yourself time and money and keep someone in your local community in work.

James Bond
3 min readOct 17, 2022

Please do something to keep people in your community in work and save time and money.

Please get a copy of all your insurance documents and give them to an insurance broker and ask that person to sort out your insurance. Somewhere in your local community there is an insurance broker. The broker will get a commission but you’ll keep someone in your local community in work and that is priceless. I promise you here and now you will benefit in several ways.

· It will save you time. You can replace near enough everything but you cannot replace time. Time with your children and family is your most precious commodity so guard it very seriously.

· In every case you will get a better level of cover. In my case I found I was paying for flood damage when I live at the top of my city’s biggest hill! In the 2007 Sheffield floods many people who got cheap insurance policies online found they weren’t covered for flood damage! Trust me- you don’t want to be under insured.

· In every case an underwriter will offer you one price directly but through a broker they’ll offer the same price but ¼ to 1/3rd lower. I will show you an example later.

· If you ever have to make a claim then it will be a lot easier.

· The broker will never let you go without cover and will remind you in good time when you are up for renewal.

Most people have household contents, household buildings (assuming you own the property), car insurance (if you have a car), public liability (if you own a business.) or professional indemnity (again if you have a business.)

Case study of what happens if you use a broker

I have done energy tendering in the past. I once had a customer who was being charged £1 per day in standing charges by British Gas. I put it out to tender, British Gas offered the customer 25p per day in standing charges through us. The unit price was also ¼ lower through us. I had the date of the end of the contract in our system three months before the end of contract we went out to tender avoiding her going into default out of contract rates.

Case study of what happens if you don’t use a broker.

My family own the house I live in. It was insured through a broker. However, in their narrow mindedness they decided that they didn’t want a broker to get a commission to save money. I argued the point that very often an underwriter will offer you one price but through a broker- the same price but ¼ lower but that fell on deaf ears.

A new underwriter was chosen which was cheaper (but the cover was awful.) I was not informed when the insurance cover ended and so it lapsed. Two years later I had a roofing emergency. A large brick came out of my chimney making a huge hole in my roof. At the time I was 75 miles away. I had to rush back, find a roofer to fix it, I phoned the insurance company and found it had lapsed two years ago! I had to fork out £1200 from my own pocket to sort it.

This is a classical case of if you pay cheap you pay twice.


So, in conclusion save yourself time and money and use a broker. In doing so you’ll benefit and you’ll help keep someone in your local community in work.


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