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Parliamentary petition published to ban the burqua

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I have set up a parliamentary petition to ban the burqua. If you are in the UK please sign it. If we get 10,000 signatures then the government has to respond. If we get 100,000 signatures then they will consider listing it for parliamentary debate. I worded it very carefully.

Ban wearing face coverings in public places.

Very recently the Sri Lankan and Tunisian governments have banned full face coverings and coverings where only the eyes can be seen in public places for security reasons. We should too.

So please go to https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/300471

The niqab and burqa are garments worn by women of Jewish and Islamic faith. It is commonly thought that only women of Islamic faith wear them. That is not true. They are worn by Jewish women too.

This video below explains everything

Today is 15th March 2020. It is two years to the very day that this video came out on youtube (2.). Here you can see some men disguised in face coverings robbing jewellers. Clearly the police can’t do much since the suspects can’t be identified.

Despite the serious nature of this I find it somewhat hilarious that a suspected terrorist went to a mosque in normal male clothes, donned a burqa and left. People thought he was a woman. (3)

The videos below shows both these cases.

Why I think it should be banned- security.

In May 2018 I was attacked by a bunch of guys wearing burquas. I could only tell they were male because of their voices. I gave them a pasting. The problem here was someone came to drive them off. The problem here is that the police can’t do anything since the assailants can’t be identified. However, I would say if you are going to set on me at least challenge me.

That said I do a women’s self-defence class. I have many clients who have been thumped by their boyfriends and husbands and I think the reason they insist on these veils is so that nobody can see the bruising and to avoid criminal action being taken against them.

Banned in Islamic countries for security reasons.

Tunisia is an Islamic country has banned the niqab for security reasons (4) (5.) Sri Lanka did the same. (6) The Islamic countries of Cameroon, Chad, Congo, Niger and Turkey have banned it on security grounds (7.) That always shuts up those who cite the religious argument.

No religious requirement

If you see Here’s the truth behind the veil (8) written An Associate Professor of Islamic studies it is written that the only thing that comes remotely close to a Burqa in the Quran is a WHITE garment called a purdah which is to protect a woman against sunburn or a sandstorm. There is no religious requirement.

Even Dr Taj Hargey, the Imam of the Oxford Islamic Congregation and the Director of the Muslim Educational Centre of Oxford opposes it (9) and if you see his article called Why I, as a Muslim, am launching a campaign to ban the burka in Britain you’ll see why.

Why I think it should be banned on health grounds.

From a health point of view that lady is not exposed to sunlight. She can’t make vitamin D. She can’t absorb calcium and under the weight of the body the bones of the leg can bow- it’s called rickets and in severe cases it is life-threatening. (10)

From a mental health point of view by banning a young girl from showing her face in public there is a risk of self-esteem issues and self-worth issues arising.

Action points.

UK Citizens

If you are in the UK and you are a UK citizen then please sign this parliamentary petition https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/300471

Once you have signed it then please text the link to 20 of your friends.


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