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Please learn these distress signals for victims of domestic abuse.

James Bond
2 min readJan 29, 2024


Please watch this video before going any further. I cannot begin to tell you how brilliant this 911 operator was. I have no words. She saved this woman’s life.

I would warmly welcome your comments on what I have written. Some have found my comments highly offensive. Please read below about the importance of distress signals especially if someone asks you to contact Uncle Stan or shows you the hand signal below.

I am a personal trainer. I teach self defence and I have a lot of victims of domestic abuse on my books- both male and female.

Always learn the two signs for help you never know when you may save a life.

Firstly the call for Uncle Stan. If someone asks you to call Uncle Stan it means they are in danger. STAN means Send The Authorities Now. I am in the process of writing to all UK police forces to tell them if they receive a call asking for Uncle Stan it means someone is in danger.

Secondly. learn the international distress symbol. Make eye contact with someone…