UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Scottish court to decide whether Boris Johnson can be jailed over no-deal Brexit- the stupidity!

James Bond
2 min readOct 3, 2019


I refer to this article which I saw online.

I am an expert in legal matters.

The Benn act states that the PM must ask for an extension to article 50 and forbids him from going for no deal.

The PM can ask for an extension but he can then legally withdraw his request!

What is to stop him repealing the bill? You cannot enforce an act which is in the process of being repealed.

Secondly, that law requires a commencement order as to the date when it starts. The PM could say that it starts from 1st November- the day we are due to leave the EU. He can also refuse to appoint an EU commissioner so the EU cannot function. Or he can just get another EU member to veto any extension of article 50. In any event, it will be a first offence so he can just pay a fine.


The remainers simply need to accept that we are leaving with no deal. Look at the 2016 referendum ballot paper. Where is any mention made of a deal?