Shamima Begum still battling to return to UK as Supreme Court rejects appeal

Shamima Begum- good riddance to bad rubbish. The view of the UK born and raised 2nd generation ethnic minority.

James Bond
6 min readFeb 28, 2021

Sunday 28th February 2021.

On Friday 26th February the Supreme Court of the UK handed down it’s judgement stating that Shamima Begum’s appeals had failed (1).

The facts of the case.

Ms Begum was born and brought up in the UK, and was a British citizen at birth. When she was 15 years old, she travelled to Syria with two friends. Shortly after she arrived, she married an ISIL fighter. Ms Begum has remained in Syria since 2015 and has aligned with ISIL. She is currently detained in the Al-Roj camp run by the Syrian Democratic Forces, where conditions are poor. Ms Begum now wishes to return to the UK.

On 19 February 2019, the Secretary of State for the Home Department decided to deprive Ms Begum of her British citizenship, on the basis that Ms Begum’s return would present a risk to national security. Ms Begum sought leave to enter the UK so that she could pursue an appeal against this decision, but her application for leave to enter was refused. Ms Begum challenges both the decision to deprive her of citizenship and the decision to refuse her leave to enter the UK.

The Special Immigration Appeals Commission found that, while Ms Begum remains detained by the Syrian Democratic Forces in a camp, she cannot give effective instructions or take any meaningful part in her appeal. This means that her appeal cannot be fair and effective. The Court of Appeal therefore held that Ms Begum should be granted leave to enter the UK so that she could pursue her appeal. The Secretary of State appeals to the Supreme Court. (2)

The View of a UK born and raised 2nd generation Indian ethnic minority.

I have no sympathy for her. The worst I did when I was 15 was bunk off school games. People say she was groomed. My understanding is that her father took her to events where she was radicalised. Therefore, even though she was 15 at the time, he takes responsibility. I am amazed he has not been charged with something.

British soldiers bled, fought and died fighting this terrorist organisation and so it would be insulting to their sacrifice to let her back in scot-free.

She has no right to call the UK her home. She lost that right when she left the UK to join a terrorist organisation committed to destroying western civilisation. I fully agree with the opinion of Richard Walton’s head of Scotland Yard’s counter terrorism unit (3.)

All immigrants should realise that we are guests in someone else’s home. Every immigrant has a duty to have a good understanding of the host language (in our case English.) We must respect the law, we must respect their culture. Most of all we must positively contribute to the host nation’s society.

A message for Home Secretary Priti Patel and PM Boris Johnson

It is highly unlikely that our Home Secretary Priti Patel or the PM Boris Johnson will see this but if they do I have a few words on behalf of every law abiding tax paying hard working UK ethnic minority.

We do not want such people here. If they want to a join terrorist organisation give them a one way ticket and strip them of their citizenship.

The people we should be letting into the UK.

I have no issue whatsoever with genuine refugees. Shamima Begum is not a refugee. She’s a terrorist. A genuine refugee will go out of their way to positively impact the country which gives them refuge.

The case of Asia Bibby

I have no issue whatsoever with genuine refugees. Shamima Begum is not a refugee. She’s a terrorist. A genuine refugee will go out of their way to positively impact the country which gives them refuge.

I find it reprehensible beyond words that we didn’t grant asylum to Asia Bibby the Pakistani Christian woman who was cleared of blasphemy charges. You can see her story below. I for one would warmly welcome her to the UK.

The case of Rahaf Mohammed.

Again I cannot believe that we didn’t allow this woman refuge. is a Saudi woman who was detained by Thai authorities on 5 January 2019 while transiting through Bangkok airport, en route from Kuwait to Australia. She had intended to claim asylum in Australia and escape her family who she says abused her and threatened to kill her for amongst other reasons leaving Islam, an act that is also a capital offence under Saudi law.

After appealing for help on the social media service Twitter and thus gaining significant worldwide attention, Thai authorities abandoned their plans to forcibly return her to Kuwait (from where she would be repatriated to Saudi Arabia), and she was taken under the protection of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees and granted refugee status. On 11 January, 2019 she was granted asylum in Canada and arrived in Toronto the next day.

See her story here.

Advice for you youngsters- ignore the idiots- follow the good example of the Bearded Broz.

If any youngsters read this then don’t follow these idiots who give your faith a bad name. There are millions of very decent hard working law abiding citizens who make a very positive impact on UK society.

I will never forget being in London on the day of the 7th July 2005 London bombings. As we made our way back from our meeting a Pakistani taxi driver stopped and opened his door and asked where we were going. We said Euston Station. He took us there for free. He REFUSED to take any money. It was part of his zakat. (Where they have to give 1/40th of their time to good causes.)

I know 7 family doctors of Indian and Pakistani background who on the night of the Manchester terror attack made their way to the hospitals to help the wounded and never put a pay claim in.

That night many taxi drivers of Pakistani origin turned off their meters and got people home to safety for free. The following morning the blood banks were awash with people of Islamic background who were donating blood to help with the wounded. Again it’s part of zakat.

However the best example I can think of is my good friend on facebook Imran Hameed who runs the Bearded Broz — a foodbank — in the midlands. This is the kind of example you should be following. Apart from winning the lottery nothing would please me more than to see a branch of the Bearded Broz in every town and city in the UK. I plan to fund this by getting 10 million people on my flagship programme Mums in Mind.

I am honoured and proud to say Imran is one of my friends. I have no problem whatsoever with good people like him. I would take in ten like him before I took one like Shamima Begum.

I defy you to watch this video and not be moved and inspired. I love the bit where he says “we can’t get rid of her now!”

How to do your bit to stop this happening again.

If you go to TOMMY ROBINSON — Meeting The World’s Most Notorious Imam you will see Imam Tawhidi says “ “I agree that some halal certification authorities fund terrorism.”

I ask you all to go to and join my online campaign to eradicate this barbarity and funding for this sort of thing.

My personal gripe with Shamima Begum.

She’s been granted tens of thousands of pounds in legal aid. I have to raise some £250,000 to fund a private prosecution against those who lied on oath against me. See


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