She went with 22 men in 10 days after leaving her boyfriend.

James Bond
2 min readFeb 8, 2024

The view of a security guard at a swingers club.

This is nothing. I used to do security at a swingers club.

I have seen some single women go with 30 guys in one night from 9 pm to closing time at 2 am! The most was on a full Saturday event when one single lady went with 100. Sometimes when they do this the idea is to get back at an ex-boyfriend or husband. It’s also very common among women who don’t want an arranged marriage. They get this filmed and when the restraining order is served on their parents a copy is enclosed with a letter saying words to the effect of “If you try to have me done away with my friends will post this online and a copy sent to all your friends and the priest.”

Some men get their kicks seeing this happen to their partners believe it or not. However, I always take the lady aside and ask if she’s OK with this. If I have ANY doubt I get her to a safe room and call the police. That’s very common among women who have boyfriends from the Middle East. You’ll be surprised at how many who say “I am OK with this” break down when I say “I don’t believe you” and I call the police.

That said I’d say at least 8 in 10 people who come to a swingers club do so who want a night out without being hassled. I would openly say a…