The anti LGBT protests outside schools must stop- they are doing themselves considerable harm.

James Bond
2 min readJul 11, 2019
This is truly saddening.

I speak as a personal fitness trainer.

I take issue with what he says about ballet dancers.

Ballet dancers are super athletes. You just try holding a woman with one hand on tip toe. I have several on my books and they make most bodybuilders look very weak. In fact I remember some of muscle bound people from the freeweights areas calling my ballet dancer clients weaklings. I actually asked them to lift a woman and hold her in one arm whilst being on tip toe. Not one could do it. None of them had anywhere near as much stamina as the ballet dancers either.

Here I speak as an ethnic minority of Indian Hindu background.

However, he and many others are doing their fellow followers of Islam considerable harm. The thing is I have many good family friends who are followers of Islam and they have no problem with homosexuality. I even have a few gay Islamic friends.

I do security at a gay club.

Due to this, our customers are increasingly refusing to get into taxis with an Islamic taxi driver. You can see them phoning up the taxi firms asking for a non-Islamic driver. Increasingly they are coming in groups of 4 or 5 with one designated driver so they don’t have to get a taxi. The Caucasian, Hindu or Sikh taxi drivers are doing very well and in fact they have a sign on their windows saying “I am Hindu/ Sikh” etc.

You can’t have it both ways. You can’t make money from the LGBT community and at the same time object to their lifestyle. It’s one or the other.

Worse for them a local pizzeria run by people from the Middle East near me has closed down because they mouthed off at any woman whose arms or legs were uncovered. This ultimately led to no customers! I witnessed one incident where a woman came in wearing shorts and a t-shirt and the staff mouthed off at her to the point of tears. Being a UK born and raised 2nd generation Indian Hindu I pointed out we are guests in someone else’s home.

I fear that this may contribute to increasing levels of Islamophobia which we really should be doing more to eliminate.

By contrast I am a UK born and raised 2nd generation Indian Hindu. In Hinduism being LGBT is no problem. We are taught to love everybody. I have actually attended a gay marriage for two Hindu women and the Hindu priest had no problem.