The Keir Starmer poppy controversy- the view of a UK-born and raised immigrant.

James Bond
2 min readNov 12, 2023

Sir Keir Starmer is the leader of the Labour party. The UK’s socialist party.

This week GB news reported this article saying.

Sir Keir Starmer has provoked fury after appearing to remove his poppy for a video on Islamophobia earlier this week.

The Labour leader was seen in the same suit and tie for the video as he was wearing while giving speech earlier on the Israel-Gaza crisis.

After being criticised by leftwing and Muslim party members for refusing to support a ceasefire, he then produced a video on Islamophobia awareness month.

Some social media users have slammed his clip as a contemptuous attempt to make amends with Muslim communities over his Israel policy. (1)

Let me explain.

That is easy. Certain sections of the immigrant population believe in infiltrating a country, outbreeding the population, and taking over.

Socialist parties believe in open borders, mass immigration, full citizenship, welfare rights, and voting rights on arrival.

This is why Labour does very well in immigrant areas. He’s pandering to his target market, many of whom find the poppy and Union Jack offensive. Many have no allegiance to the UK.

However, I would remind them that this flies in the face of their holy scriptures. Their holy scriptures say that you must follow the law of the country that you live in. You must be a fine upstanding model citizen respected by all. You must positively contribute to your community by giving back at least twice what you receive. You must follow the teachings of God which are the same as the 10 commandments of Christianity. Lastly, you must encourage all others to do the same.

If they are absolutely true to their faith then they will stand for the National Anthem following the good example of Jack Khan. I have absolutely no problem with good people like Jack Khan.

I endorse every word he says in this video.

I am very proud to say I am a facebook friend of Imran Hameed who runs the Bearded Bros which is a food bank in the midlands. I’ve never met him though. I just love the bit where he talks about Jodie and says “We can’t get rid of her now!” This is the true implementation of his faith and I defy you to find anyone in the UK who objects to good people like him.

In conclusion, I would say please be true to your faith and follow the good examples of Jack Khan and Imran Hameed.


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