The Liverpool riots. The view of a UK born and raised immigrant who grew up in the Liverpool area.

James Bond
10 min readFeb 13, 2023

It’s quite probable that you have been made aware of the riots in Liverpool regarding the attempted attempt to groom a young 15 year old girl by a 25 year old migrant. As shown in this video.

***On behalf of every tax paying, hardworking, law abiding ethnic minority I openly say that we do not want such people here in the UK.***

The protestors are not far right fascists or right wing Nazis as the media portray them. They are the nicest people you can imagine. You go as a stranger to a pub in Liverpool and you’ll find the locals will have a laugh with you. They will welcome you with open arms. However you put one of their children in danger and you’ve had it.

In any event Nazi is an abbreviation for National Socialist. The greatest genocidal killers of the 20th century were socialists and communists.

  • Adolf Hitler leader of the National Socialist German Workers Party -responsible for the massacre of millions.
  • Erich Honecker General Secretary of the East German Socialist Unity Party of Germany.
  • Chairman Mao Chair of the Chinese Communist Party.
  • Pol Pot General Secretary of the Communist party of Kampuchea.
  • Josef Stalin General Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union.

Jeremy Corbyn was the leader of the Labour party. Look at his manifesto for the 2019 general election and compare it to that of Adolf Hitler. You’ll be shocked at what you see!

You can pin a Labour red rose to a doorpost in Merseyside and people will vote for it. In this video blog I give

  • My views on immigration
  • A warning to the conservative party
  • A message to the migrants
  • A message to the protestors,
  • What you can do and what the government needs to do.

I grew up in the Liverpool area. I am what is known as a plastic scouser or a semi-scouser

Why am I qualified to talk about this?

My name is Bond, James Bond. I am a health and fitness expert based in the UK- although I have clients worldwide. I am the son of two legal immigrants from India to the UK. I am the grandson of a very prominent Indian socialist. I come from a family of champagne socialists. I know the immigrant lifestyle and the challenges that come along with it.

I have relatives in the USA and India. None of whom will speak to me because of one reason- I support Donald Trump. However, what I write here is not for political gain.

In a limited capacity, I have served in Her Majesty’s Armed Forces. I have friends who served in Northern Ireland, Syria, and Afghanistan who never came home. I have also done fitness training for several HM Armed Forces members.

My stance on immigration- let me blow the racism arguments to smithereens.

Genuine political prisoner. No problem.

A genuine asylum seeker. No problem.

On that note, I find it reprehensible that we did not offer asylum to Asia Bibby or Rahaf Mohammed.

Asia Bibby was a Pakistani Christian who spent 10 years in prison and was freed on appeal against her conviction on blasphemy charges. She, her family and her legal team fearing for their lives fled from Pakistan. This is despite the holy book of the major religion of Pakistan says “If you kill ONE person it is as serious as killing the whole world. if you save someone’s life then it is as great as saving the whole world.”

The UK is a Christian country. We should have been the first ones to give her asylum.

If I had my way she and her family should have been given an armed escort to the airport and transferred to the UK by diplomatic flight. On arrival a minister of HM government should have welcomed her and told her words to the effect “You are now safe. This is your home.”

Rahaf Mohammed was a Saudi Arabian woman who left her religion and fled a forced arranged marriage. She ended up being rescued by the Canadians who gave her asylum.

The holy book of the major religion of Saudi Arabia strictly forbids forced marriage. The priest must ask the girl 3 times in private if she wants to get married. if on on 3rd time she says no- it stops there with no penalty or shame.

Such people will move heaven and earth to give back to the country that gave them refuge

Let’s take Nadia Nadim- the lady I invited to be the honorary president of my fitness company.

Nobody objects to refugees or immigrants like Nadia Nadim. At the age of 12 this woman witnessed the Taliban murder her father. She made to Denmark. She speaks 12 languages. She became a professional footballer scoring 200 goals for club and 2 for Denmark.

She has also qualified as a doctor from the University of Copenhagen. Nadia Nadim is a role model and inspiration to all our daughters

I defy you to find ONE person who objects to such refugees and immigrants.

Non asylum seekers must fulfil certain criteria

They must come legally.

They must have a reasonable command of English.

They must respect UK law.

They must respect UK culture.

They must positively contribute to our society.

I am wholly opposed to mass immigration. I advocate controlled quality immigration.

I do not care what race, religion, ethnicity, colour or creed you are. I do not care if you are black, white, yellow, pink or blue. I do not care if you are Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist, Christian, Muslim or Jew. If you are nice to me I’ll be nice to you.

People like this idiot make life much more difficult for 2nd generation immigrants like me.

Let’s take my Dad.

He is an immigrant from India in 1969. The world’s most devout Hindu. He never claimed a penny in benefits. He arrived in the UK with £5. The following day he was at work in a hospital in a pre-arranged job. He was fluent in the English language. He was a family doctor for over 30 years. He employed 10–15 people and paid at least £30,000 a year in taxes. His only criminal offence was to get a parking ticket which was quashed on appeal when he proved he was seeing a patient with a heart attack and had to park in an emergency. If any family member ever went on welfare he would insist that whilst on welfare you worked voluntarily at a charity shop to give back. He gave a lot of money to charity.

At first, some hospital consultants refused to take his referrals. Some local GPs refused to do out-of-hours cover with him. They tried to get him struck off because he started a scheme with a local pharmacy. Under that scheme you would put in your request for a repeat prescription, the local pharmacy would pick it up and then two days later it would be dispensed and ready at that pharmacy. They had to throw out the complaint because his patients loved it. It saved them time.

All patients with a long-term illness were seen every 3 months to keep their symptoms under control. Hence they rarely needed hospital referrals. It also kept his waiting list down. He hired loads of nurses to do specialist clinics e.g., high blood pressure clinics. At one stage he was doing so many the health authority made a complaint to the minister of health because he was claiming so much money from them. The minister wrote back and told them to leave him alone and tell other doctors to do the same.

During the latter stages of his career government targets stated that emergency patients were seen within 3 days. He saw them on the SAME day.

As time went on the tables turned. Patients from other practices came to him. He exceeded all government targets and the other doctors were humiliated when the health authority had no choice but to ask him to design protocols to have such an efficient practice.

For the reasons above his patients loved him.

That is how you win people over-you gain their respect.

What Donald Trump said about my Dad.

A while ago I met Donald Trump at an event and I asked about immigrants like my Dad. He replied “If I am to make America great again I need immigrants like your father.”

I defy you

I defy you to find one person who objects to immigrants like my Dad or refugees like Asia Bibby, Rahaf Mohammed or Nadia Nadim. I promise you here and now that the people of the UK will welcome them with open arms.

These people coming across the channel are NOT refugees- they are economic freeloaders.

Many have travelled through safe countries; many originate from safe countries. However, nearly all are healthy fit young men. Where are their wives and children? If their places of origin were so dangerous they would not leave their wives and children behind.

They are largely economic freeloaders who are here to take advantage of our generous benefits system. I know this because the last time I was in India a very open practice was to get your son or daughter married to a UK citizen. Then that person claims benefits and sends money home. If you get divorced claim asylum under the 1951 Geneva convention on refugees.

A message for the politicians — follow the example of the Polish government with respect to illegal immigrants.

A warning to the Conservative party.

This is not the Brexit we voted for. One of the reasons we left the European Union was so we could take control of our borders. Yet we seem to be taking in more illegal migrants! The conservative party is looking at total annihilation at the next general election if they don’t deliver the Brexit we voted for.

The Conservative Party is playing straight into the hands of Reform UK which I daresay will obliterate the conservative party at the next election.

A message for all the migrants

Your religious scriptures say that every woman is your sister and any attempt to disrespect your sister is considered by God to be a greater than an insult to God himself. Your holy book says “If you hit a woman once you hit me 10 times. If you make a woman bleed you cut off my arm.” The chain of command going upwards is God, your sister, then on equal level your mother and your wife and at the highest level is your daughter. This was taught to me by a priest.

There are 5 components to your way of life.

  • You must follow the law of the country you live in.
  • You must be a fine upstanding citizen respected by all.
  • You must positively contribute to your community.
  • You must follow the teachings of God which are word for word exactly the same as the 10 commandments of Christianity. Might I remind you that Moses is one of your prophets.
  • You must encourage everyone to follow the same teachings.

A message for the protestors

Firstly, please turn around and go home.

Instead of rioting please organise a peaceful protest in Liverpool city centre but follow the example of Mahatma Gandi. I am the great, great, great grandson of a gentleman who marched with Mahatma Gandi during the struggle for Indian Independence from British Rule. Gandi brought the British Empire to its knees through non-violence and non-co-operation. My ancestor introduced him on stage. My understanding that the rules of such protests were very clear. Take nothing but photographs. Leave nothing but footprints. Kill nothing but time. Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist, Christians, Muslims and Jews all stood side by side. No obscenities were shouted. Garlands of flowers were put around the necks of the police and army. No litter was dropped. You had to walk on the road, not any grass at all so it was not harmed.

At the end of the protest the British National Anthem of “God save the King” was sung. You had to shake hands with the person immediate left, right, front and back of you, irrespective of their background. Then you all went home peacefully.

What you can do?

There is plenty you can do.

Please sign these parliamentary petitions and let the UK government what you think.

If a parliamentary petition gets 10,000 signatures the government has to respond. If that response is not good enough then the parliamentary petitions committee can ask for another one. If that is not good enough then they can summon a minister for questioning.

If they get 100,000 signatures then they will consider it for a debate in parliament.

Once you have signed them please share to social media and WhatsApp.

Please right click each link. The petition will open up in a new window.

  1. Stop housing asylum seekers who entered the UK illegally in hotels
  2. After massive population growth, it’s time to stop all immigration into the UK
  3. Stop legal aid for court appeals for people entering the UK illegally
  4. Take action to prevent illegal attempts to enter UK across the Channel

Send this in an email to your MP tell the UK government to withdraw from the 1951 Geneva Convention on Refugees

Go to and put your postcode in and email or better still send a letter in.

Simply say “I object to the invasion of illegal immigrants to the UK. This is not the Brexit we voted for and I vote. I have signed 4 parliamentary petitions on this. I would like to see the UK withdraw from the 1951 Geneva Convention of Refugees. It is now outdated and genuine refugees may slip through the net. This issue will affect who I vote for at the next election.”

Once an MP gets 100 letters about an issue then they get in touch with the minister.


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