The Manchester terror attack- the view of a survivor of the 7th July 2005 London Bombings.

James Bond
7 min readAug 23, 2020

23rd August 2020

I write this blog in the week that the terrorist –Hashem Abedi- was found guilty of terrorism and sentenced to a minimum of 55 years in jail (1).

How on earth are you qualified to comment on this?

I can hear you all asking this question.

I am more qualified than most to tell you about this. I was there at the 7th July 2005 London bombings. I never forget coming out of the Premier Travel Inn at Euston and then as we were going to Euston station that bomb went off. I shielded my Dad as that bomb went off and the force of it threw us to the ground.

A few minutes later as I came round I looked at my Dad and feared the worst. He then said “Don’t you dare give me the kiss of life.” Being doctors we went to help the wounded but there were too many. Some were dead before we went to help.

My Dad told me that had I not been so strong the force of that explosion would undoubtedly have killed us both. Had I not shielded him, he would have been killed as well.

As the paramedics came they took over and we had a very important meeting to get to. On our way back a very kind hearted Pakistani taxi driver stopped his hackney cab and invited us in. He said “Where to boss? No charge.”

My Dad being a devout Hindu spoke to him as we made our way to the train station. Hindi spoken by Indians and Urdu spoken by Pakistanis are both extremely similar. This kind man refused to take any money. He said it was part of his Zakat. In case you don’t know zakat is one of the pillars of Islam where you have to give 1/40th of your time to good causes. This taxi driver actually said “I don’t know who has done it but it’s probably some radical fundamentalist who gives us a bad name.”

My Dad left him a £20 note and said if he refused to take payment, he put it to a good cause.

I never got closure until the day those responsible were sentenced (2). No therapy or counselling can help you get over this. It was only when they were sentenced that I got closure but I’ll never forget those scenes in Tavistock square.

Although the relatives of those who died will never have their loved ones back this gives some degree of closure.

However I fear it is only a matter of time before it happens again as this video from Imam Tawhidi shows.

“This man believed he was going to dine with the Prophet Mohammed that night” Imam Tawhidi.

Never forget the forgotten heroes that night

There were forgotten heroes that night. I personally know several Indian and Pakistani doctors who on the night of the Manchester terror attack made their way to hospital to help the wounded.

I am a re-seller for a fuel additive from the USA ( that gives 10–30% more miles per gallon. Many of my customers are 2nd and 3rd generation Pakistani taxi drivers. Some of my Manchester taxi drivers turned off their taxi meters that night and got people home for free as part of zakat.

What can we do to stop happening again?

Firstly be a good friend of Old Bill- our police force. If you see anything that you think is suspicious then inform the police force. However, don’t put yourself in danger. If you are in a group of two, one calls the police the other video the event with your mobile phone.

However take a look at this video from Imam Tawhidi.

“I agree that some halal certification authorities fund terrorism”- Imam Tawhidi.

We need to all stop buying Halal certified items. However as he says it’s very difficult to prove the link between halal certification and terrorism.

The first protest-go vegetarian

If you are serious about stopping halal and kosher slaughter on animal cruelty reasons then you must go vegetarian. You must do to silence the pro halal lobby is to turn vegetarian. How can you say you oppose animal cruelty when your spending habits fund the killing of animals? They will always use that argument against you and they will be right!

In the land and resources, it takes to feed one meat eater you can feed at least 15 vegetarians.

The best method to avoid obesity is to turn vegetarian or preferably vegan. I can’t make my fat loss clients go vegetarian or vegan. I can only advise.

However, those that do all report a very safe, very rapid loss of excess body fat with a massive improvement in health.

Those that do all- without exception- report a very rapid, very safe loss of excess body fat. They all report a massive rise in energy and improvement in health.


Every time you eat meat then you are taking in animal fat, there is no way around that. However, you expose yourself to DASH.

Disease. You are exposing yourself to any disease that the animal had. I have often wondered if that is part of the reason why statistically speaking a lower risk of cancer. Imagine if you ate some liver or kidney which had metastasised cancer in it?

Antibiotics. You are exposing yourself to any antibiotics that the animal was on.

Steroids. Again you are exposing yourself to any steroids that the animal was on.

Hormones. Farm animals are often force-fed hormones. I have often wondered if that is part of the reason why statistically speaking female vegetarians have a lower risk of fibroids and breast lumps and the like.

Secondly, join my halal and kosher boycott list

The easiest way to boycott Halal is to stop buying those endorsed by the halal food authority. Go to and get your boycott list.

Thirdly sign these parliamentary petitions if you are in the UK

This is how parliamentary petitions work. If they get 10,000 signatures you get a response from the government. If you get 100,000 then they consider it for debate in parliament.

“Don’t just say you’re a muslim-show you’re a Muslim.” Imran Hameed- leader of the Bearded Bros.

I am honoured and privileged to be a facebook friend of Imran Hameed- the guy who runs the Bearded Bros ( ) — a food bank based in the midlands. Just look at this beautiful video of the Bearded Bros. With the exception of winning the lottery very few things would be more pleasing to me than seeing a branch of the Bearded Bros in every town and city in the UK.

This is TRUE Islam. They are practising their Zakat- in fact, they are doing more than that! They give much more than 1/40th of their time to good causes. If everybody practiced true Islam like Imran you’d never see any of the problems caused by the idiots who give them a bad name.

Please be assured that even Tommy Robinson (above) has no problem whatsoever with fine upstanding model citizens like the Bearded Bros. Tommy would welcome people like the Bearded Bros with open arms.

The Quran (the holy book of Islam) is very clear on this. You MUST follow the law of the country you live in. You MUST be a fine upstanding model citizen. Most of all you MUST make a positive contribution to the society you live in. Nobody does this better than the Bearded Bros.

It also says if you kill one person it is as serious as killing the whole world. If you save someone’s life it is as great as saving the whole world.phot

One of the goals of my company is to fund the Langar bill of every Sikh temple in the UK. Langar is a free gift of food from God given by Sikh temples to the community. This is through my live online streamed classes I want to get some 1 million on the programme.

In the verdict the judge saidIf the defendant, like his brother, had been aged 21 or over when he committed these offences of murder the appropriate starting point under paragraph 4(1) of schedule 21 would have been a whole life order, not only because of the combination of the substantial degree of premeditation and planning involved in these murders but also because the motivation for them was to advance the ideological cause of Islamism; a matter distinct from and abhorrent to the vast majority of those who follow the Islamic faith.”

I am honoured and proud to have many 2nd and 3rd generation Pakistani Islamic friends who I can assure you want nothing to do with such people or activities.

Let’s face it I am a Liverpool FC supporter through and through. Sadio Mane and Mohammed Salah are two of our greatest strikers and they are Islamic.


A chapter has closed but we must not be complacent. The fight against terrorism has not yet ended and we must all do our part. We must ALL follow the good example of the Bearded Bros.



This photo of Hashem Abedi was taken from


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