The most moving Christmas adverts I have ever seen.

James Bond
1 min readNov 30, 2023

Today on Facebook my attention was brought to the Charlie’s Bar Christmas video. I was very moved indeed. I live in a student area but we do have a lot of elderly here who are alone at Christmas who will clearly relate. This warmed my heart when I saw it.

Here we have a gentleman who goes to visit the grave of a loved one. Clearly, he’s sad and alone but he walks past Charlie's. A kind-hearted couple invites him into the pub and then they invite him to talk to them. This is typical of the warm friendly nature of the Irish. I will make a point the next time I am in the six counties to pop in. It’s quite a way from Yorkshire but it will be so worth it.

I very much hope the staff and the landlord are rewarded for such a great service to the community. I am truly shaken but not stirred.

This advert is just as moving as this one. The Sainsburys Christmas advert of December 2014 when Allied and German soldiers put their differences aside for one day.

I hope this goodwill is extended every day not just Christmas.


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