The total failure of the COP 26 Climate change conference- part 2.

James Bond
3 min readNov 12, 2021


Would you like to cut your carbon footprint lose excess fat and improve your sex life by one simple step?

Thursday 10th November 2021

I make this video blog in anticipation of the total failure of the COP26 Climate Change conference in Glasgow. Obesity and Climate change both have a common solution, let me tell you what it is and how we can all make this farce of a conference an irrelevance

I have done one post on medium on this called The forthcoming total failure of the COP 26 climate change conference- part 1.

From the very outset, I must declare a conflict of interest. I am a vegetarian.

Fight Climate Change, Eat Less Meat

In the land and resources it takes to feed one meat eater you can feed at least 15 vegetarians.

If you want to fight climate change eat less meat (2.) See the video below.

Better for your health

The best method to avoid obesity is to turn vegetarian or preferably vegan. I am a fitness instructor and weight loss expert. I can’t make my fat loss clients go vegetarian or vegan. I can only advise.

However, those that do all report a very safe, very rapid loss of excess body fat with a massive improvement in health.

It is quite common for me to get phone calls from their doctors telling me that their patient has a fall in blood pressure, blood glucose, cholesterol, body fat and an improvement in respiratory function.


Every time you eat meat then you are taking in animal fat, there is no way around that. However, you expose yourself to DASH.

Disease. You are exposing yourself to any disease that the animal had. I have often wondered if that is part of the reason why statistically speaking a lower risk of cancer. Imagine if you ate some liver or kidney which had metastasized cancer in it?

Antibiotics. You are exposing yourself to any antibiotics that the animal was on.

Steroids. Again you are exposing yourself to any steroids that the animal was on.

Hormones. Farm animals are often force-fed hormones. I have often wondered if that is part of the reason why statistically speaking female vegetarians have a lower risk of fibroids and breast lumps and the like.

Let me give you my arguments on video.

Check out this story of this 74-year-old vegan lady. See how her husband says that commonly when people see them out together people ask if he is out with his granddaughter!

What you can do

  1. Using the resources below — especially Meat free Mondays start the journey to go vegetarian.
  2. Share blog to social media using the icons above.


Who am I?

My name is Bond, Dr. James Bond, I am a health and fitness expert and a Sheffield Star fitness columnist. I have also been featured in the Daily Mail. I work with people who want to improve their quality of life- particularly those who want to lose weight. What makes my service different is that I am the only personal fitness trainer in the North of England who is a qualified medical doctor. Therefore I can take on the general public and super high risk cases that other fitness professionals will not dare like this lady, the case of Deborah Fox.


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