The Ultimate revenge against school bullies- a case study from my school.

James Bond
8 min readSep 15, 2019

I was on social media and saw this video (1). How I wish that there had been groups like this when I was younger.

When I saw this video I almost broke down. I only wish groups like SYD’S ANGELS: BIKERS AGAINST BULLIES and Bikers Against Bullies USA were around when I was a teenager. I was forced to leave Scarisbrick Hall and Ormskirk Grammar School because of bullying.

I remember some school kids thumping me. A teacher came to intervene and stopped them. He said I don’t want to see you hitting him like that! He then said: “I want to see you hitting him like THIS.” He kicked me to the tummy and as I fell to the ground he stamped on my head.

Unknown to him the school governors saw the whole thing. One asked what was going on and the teacher said “What does it matter? He’s the only paki in the school.”

Little did he know that among the governors was as Asian governor. When I had come round I was taken to an office and I was asked how long this had been going on.

I said “Three years, since the day I arrived here.”

The governor was shocked and asked the staff why nothing had been done. One said they were unaware of it. Another said it didn’t matter since I was the only foreigner in the school. The governors made a decision to move me. However by that time I had passed the entrance exams of St. Mary’s College, Crosby. I told the governors this.

The deputy headmaster looked somewhat upset and said. “Are you leaving us?”

I replied, “Yes I am.”

He asked, “Why did you decide to leave before giving us the chance to do something about it?”

I then replied “Because you won’t do anything about it. Some of the worst bullies are the teachers themselves.” It’s a belief that I hold to this day. This is why when I was mugged in 2014 I never reported it to the police. I gave my assailants a real thumping- I even broke an arm but I never told the police.

He then rang my mother in front of me expressing sadness that I was leaving saying that they were losing a good student.

As I left the deputy headmaster’s room I said, “I hope your school is closed down.” You have no idea how good it felt when it was! After that time I deliberately stopped doing any homework at the school and I skipped classes. Teachers threatened me with detention or reporting me to the headmaster. I remember my French teacher Mrs Robinson saying “Who do you think you are?” I am going to report you to the headmaster.

I replied “Go on then but he can’t do anything. I am leaving at the end of the term.”

She looked horrified and said, “Why?”

I replied, “Because people like you and the other pupils have bullied me out of this school and I hope this school is shut down and you all lose your jobs.”

I then stormed off from the class.

The following morning my form teacher Mr Hiley asked me to see him during registration. He said that he had reports that I wasn’t doing my homework and skipping classes. I said that was correct. He threatened to put me in detention. He said he’d report me to the headmaster. I told him to do just that. He said I may be suspended or expelled. I said that was fine I was leaving at the end of the term. How can you expel someone who is leaving?

Again he looked horrified and I said: “I hope this dump is closed down and you all lose your jobs.”

I was really pleased a few years later to find out that one of my teachers who bullied me had gone bankrupt after his wife divorced him.

I have been quite outspoken in my views on school bullying (2.)

I had previously seen this video of this student called Kevin Turner who appeared on Britain’s got Talent. (3.) It was only when I read Dancer targeted by cruel bullies gets revenge by starring in Britain’s Got Talent that I suspected the connection. It was only when I checked the facebook page of St. Marys College Crosby that I found out he is one of their students!!!!

I went to St. Marys after Ormskirk Grammar. Things were very different there. I remember once another pupil called me a paki. Unknown to him the headmaster Brother O’Halloran saw him. He summoned that group of 5 into his office and gave them a real telling off. He said that this is a Christian school and every human being is one of God’s children.

The following day the deputy headmaster Brother Kavanagh spoke to everyone in assembly telling everybody that every human being is one of God’s children. Obviously word had spread.

I remember another pupil who put up a poster as a joke of the Nazi Swastika in one of the classrooms. We had a wonderful French teacher called Mrs. Jones who is Jewish. She told the headmaster and he took down the offending photo and trust me the student was in very serious trouble! Mrs. Jones was a brilliant French teacher. One thing I love about their practice of languages is that she did her entire lesson in French where possible. By the time the exams came -quite frankly -they were easy.

A message for bullies

To the bullies who bullied this student for being a dancer, I would say think again. I am a personal trainer. I know only too well how fit and strong you have to be in order to be a dancer.

Dancers are some of the ultimate athletes. Consider ballet dancers. They are incredibly strong and fit. They can hold a woman in one hand and do all that dancing. I can do 10 aerobics classes in one day but even I am not as fit or strong as a ballet dancer!

I remember my days at Fitness First. Some of those who went to the free weights area used to say how weak the ballet dancers I trained were. I got them to do similar exercises. They failed miserably!

Self-defence classes

If you see (5) you'll see I used to do self-defence classes with former European Middleweight boxing champion Herol Bomber Graham. The classes were originally for goths and people of alternative persuasion. Bomber and I had a parting of the ways and I continued the classes myself. The majority of those who came were bullied schoolchildren. However in every case without exception, the bully backed down. However, there is a legal reason why I can’t hold them again.

The ultimate revenge against bullies- success

Kevin is the perfect example of this. The ultimate revenge against bullies is success.

Nothing upsets a bully more than success.

Mr. Harland the PE teacher at Ormskirk Grammar was furious when I was featured in the local paper for winning a prize for swimming.

He asked me to swim for the school and I told him where to go.

That said it was great when I ran for the school cross country team against Scarisbrick Hall.

If you ever see the Karate Kid you’ll see the final scene where Danny Laruso wins with the Crane Kick. (5.)

Remember if you are being bullied it says more about the bully than it says about you.

Get evidence. Don’t let them get you down and then get revenge. The best revenge ever is success.

One of my happiest moments was when I was at my parent’s house the bins were being emptied. I noticed the guy taking the bins. I recognised him. I said,

“Are you Alan Pacey?”

He said “Yes.”

I replied. “I went to school with you. What are you doing now?”

He said “I couldn’t get work so I ended up being a bin man. It’s the only work I could get.”

I replied “You won’t remember me. You bullied me at school. This is my house. I am a University student and I am going on to be a doctor. It won’t be long before I have a house like this.”

The look of horror on his face was priceless. We didn’t have today’s technology then!

This video shows the point perfectly. In this video, you can see a woman who left her boyfriend because he was poor. Watch what happens (7.)

I run an alternative health clinic and we once got a quote for some electrical work that needed doing. When the electrician came round I remembered him. I asked him his name.

I said “You can quote me the best quote in the world. You are not going to get the job. You bullied me at school. Go home.”

He begged for the job. He said his wife had left him. She was filing for divorce. He was facing repossession of his house. He was in maintenance arrears with his kids and they were not speaking to him anymore. He apologised profusely. It was obvious he was in dire straits.

I then said “You should have thought of that. Go home.” It was priceless. That was in the days before today’s technology.

Action steps if you are being bullied.

If you are bullied then you need to do a couple of things.

Get a mobile phone or preferably a body camera. Get video evidence of the bullying. Upload the video to social media. Then send the URL to the police and the local media- they’ll be embarrassed into taking action. Tell the police you have informed the media and that the evidence is online. The police won’t be able to dismiss your complaint if you have video evidence on social media and when the local media cover it.

Remember the powers that be will always believe a deceitful white person over a truth-telling foreigner.

A criminal record will stop that bully getting any form of work or going to university. The police will caution them first and the school will be embarrassed into taking some kind of action- especially when there is media involvement. That is the only way to force a school to take action against a bully- especially if the bully is a teacher.

From my experience always assume a teacher is a bully until proven otherwise.


If you are being bullied then do what Kevin has done. Find something that you excel at and be the best you can be. Then when the time is right show the bullies what you have done.


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