Their wives want more sex than they can handle and their husbands don’t like it- some have started sleeping with women.

James Bond
4 min readAug 4, 2019

A while ago I detailed how one man threatened to take legal action against me because his wife wanted more sex than he could handle.

Now more men are jumping on the bandwaggon.

I am a fitness instructor and I specialise in women’s fitness.

Read below and let me know what you think.

The first complaint

I am putting you on notice that I am taking legal action against you as you are destroying my marriage.

My wife put on quite a bit of weight during her second pregnancy and after that hated to look at herself in the mirror. Last year she refused to go on holiday because she was worried about what people would say about her on the beach. She was very worried about what people would say at social occasions.

Then we saw your advert on facebook where you live stream fitness classes across the net at 9 pm when the kids are in bed.

She’s lost a lot of weight, has really toned up, lost several dress sizes and feels much fitter.

However, after each class she is so fired up she wants sex. Before she went on your programme we had sex once a fortnight and it only lasted a few minutes. Now I am fearful of 10 pm when the class finishes because she will rush up the stairs and throw me on the bed and do my brains out. It’s worse when you do classes 5 times a week. On several occasions, I have found it difficult to walk the following day. Sometimes even the kids have woken up with the noise she makes. I have been to see my doctor and I am now suffering from penile strain which is incredibly painful. My doctor has told me to abstain from sex for 7 days but there is no way my wife will do this. He warned me that in certain positions –particularly woman on top- the penis can break. I am afraid that if my wife continues on your programme this will happen to me.

If it does I will sue you for personal injury. When I’ve asked my wife for less sex she says I should be grateful. She’s now suggesting we get a woman to join in as it’s a fantasy of hers. You’ve got her looking at the female fitness models page on facebook. I am worried she’ll now start to have sex with women behind my back.

Stop training my wife or I will sue you and I may hire some thugs to make sure you can’t train anyone ever again. I love my wife but I am not losing her to a woman or living in this sort of pain.

The second complaint

I have heard about one man taking legal action against you because his wife wants more sex than he can handle. Well, I am joining him in taking action against you.

I work shifts and one day I came home to find my girlfriend in bed with a woman. She was being unfaithful to me! I started asking her and her whore questions.

It emerged that she was following your fitness classes. She got told her friend who joined in. They got so turned on after your super intense fitness classes they ended up having sex with one another. It came out it’s been going on for MONTHS! I had no idea my girlfriend was into women!

My girlfriend blames me because I don’t give her much attention, she says I never remember her birthday or get her gifts; we haven’t been on a date in a long time. She moans that I never call her during the day. We very rarely have sex and she blames me that I can only last about a minute. Well, I am not superman. She says she sleeps with her “girlfriend” because she’s lonely.

Then this tart she’s sleeping with says “Well I bet James Bond could handle both of us at once!” I am not losing my girlfriend to some super-fit Romeo who can handle multiple women at once. They were planning to go to someplace you hang out and try to pull you and take you back to a hotel room. This tart is cheating on her husband as well!

You even rang them both on their birthday. My girlfriend complained that I never remember her birthday. How the hell am I supposed to remember her birthday? She even complained that I hadn’t noticed that she’d lost a lot of weight. How am I supposed to notice that?

I asked her how she’s paying for it. She says you got her doing paid surveys and that’s how she can afford it- the only good thing is that it’s not coming from our joint bank account.

You are a marriage wrecker! You are going to make life harder for good lazy men like us. Girlfriends will start asking for more sex than we men can handle. They’ll be asking for more attention than we can give.

Stop making our girlfriends so randy with your training or I’ll get a court order banning you from wrecking relationships.

What do you think?

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