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This burqua photo from facebook is no joke and it breaks my heart

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This is no joke and it breaks my heart. I do security at a gay club and we have a few lesbian women of Pakistani and Middle Eastern origin come in wearing such garments. They have been forced to marry men to keep family honour. In some cases, they were threatened with death if they didn’t go through with it. The only times they can get to see their girlfriends is when their husbands are at work at weekends. They are as unhappy as you can get.

We are a members-only club and I sign them in under English names and I get a hotel room booked for them in my name to avoid suspicion, when it comes to going home I arrange for an English taxi driver to take them home.

However, I would ask one question.

If the burka is a religious requirement then why have eight Islamic countries banned it on security grounds? Cameroon, Chad, Congo, Egypt, Morocco, Niger, Turkey and Tunisia have all banned it.


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