Trading in currencies and silver is like your spouse. Trading in gold is like having an affair.

James Bond
7 min readJan 24, 2022


The view of a security guard at a swingers club who has recently started trading.

I write this blog after attending a training event for trading on the currency exchanges.

One of the tutors said, “Silver is like your wife, trading gold is like your mistress.” He had a few complaints from the students about this.

However, speaking as someone who has done security at several swingers clubs let me elaborate because there are marked similarities.

Just a few things before I go into the nitty-gritty of this statement.

The first thing I would say is that no matter how tempting it may seem, never cheat on your spouse, no good can come about from it. In my day job, I am a personal trainer. One of the commonest reasons for men to ask me for help with their fitness is so that they can cheat on their wives and keep up with two women. I always refuse. The reason is that all my clients on my live online streamed fitness classes are women. You can argue that aerobics is not something men would get involved with. Personally, I think it’s because they wouldn’t be able to keep up!

Secondly, there are a lot of misconceptions about swingers clubs. They are not a free for all. Swingers fall into several categories.

· The majority and I mean at least 4 in 5 people go for a night out without being hassled. Let me assure you that a lady will have less hassle from predatory men in a swingers club than she would in a normal nightclub. A lady would have less hassle in a swingers club from men than she would in a gay club.

· A smaller number get their kicks watching other couples having sex.

· A similar smaller number get their kicks having people watch them have sex.

· A very small number exchange partners with other couples but don’t go all the way.

· An extremely tiny number exchange partners with other couples and go all the way.

Those people who exchange partners with other couples usually tend to be bisexual women who get it on with other women. Most of them are married to men who don’t know about it- from that point of view, they are cheating on their partners. These women have no intention of leaving their husbands- they just want some female time and attention. Those men who do know about it are usually sitting downstairs watching Match of the Day. (Saturday night is our couples night.)

That said I have lost count of the number of men who have run out the club faster than Usain Bolt after being offered a threesome with two women. I used to live with two bisexual women and that used to happen all the time.

Another thing I would point out is that my heart cries for these women and if you see my video blog on this you’ll see why. Look at this video which shows the typical reaction of what happens when a man finds out his girlfriend or wife likes women.

Now let's talk about the similarities with trading. Every day some $6 trillion is exchanged on the currency exchange.

Let’s assume you are married and have been for a long period of time. Trust, love and a strong relations take time to develop. At times things can seem monotonous and boring. However, it’s stable. If you put the time and effort in then the rewards will be greater than you can imagine.

The stability of marriage is like trading silver and some of the currencies. Silver is relatively stable and reliable and in the view of some traders can be somewhat boring.

If you have an affair then you run the risk of losing that in a matter of seconds if you get caught.

Now consider having an affair. It may break the monotony of marriage. It can be very exciting and give you a real buzz. The excitement of something new with possibly great rewards can sometimes be incredibly tempting. The short term reward can be like winning the lottery.

However, it comes with considerable risk.

Firstly you run the risk of infection which may harm you for life. You run the risk of passing that infection onto your spouse.

When I was a medical student I did some time in genitourinary medicine and this happened all the time. In fact, I remember being in one martial arts class and a couple came in. The guy went on a stag night prior to his brother’s wedding. He played away from home and caught something. He passed it on to this girlfriend. The relationship ended immediately.

However, prior to the next class this woman asked me for a private lesson in kicks which I obliged. She then sparred with her ex. She kicked him so hard in his groin that one of his testicles was crushed and his pelvis broke. I have often wondered if I did the right thing by teaching her to kick so hard.

You run the risk of unwanted pregnancies and that can lumber you with a considerable drain on your time and budget for a very long time. It can also affect your relationship with your current family.

Yes, you can take precautions against infection and unwanted pregnancies but that’s not guaranteed to work.

If you get caught then the trust, love and strong relationship you have built up over several years can be gone in literally seconds. Never forget that adultery is one ground for divorce.

The mother of one of my former personal training clients is a dominatrix and she charges some £50–100 per hour. Her clients just want some excitement. You just try explaining where that sort of money goes when your wife checks the bank statements.

In other words, don’t cheat on your partner. If your partner is one of those who is so toxic that you are driven to cheat, then end the relationship first. In my time as a security guard at a swinger’s club, I have seen many “single” people come into the club. We know that they are married but in loveless relationships. The couple is divorced in all but name. It has been known that both have come in as “single” people under fake names! Trust me that gets awkward.

That said during my time in GU medicine I got to meet a lot of the local call girls. They would say that the majority of men who hired them didn’t want sex. They just wanted someone to talk to and have someone listen to them for undivided attention.

I can relate. In my day job as a personal trainer, most of my clients are women. I am the only one they see for an hour or two a week who has nothing to do with their jobs, friendships, or family. You will be amazed at what they tell me! I have often wondered if this is the reason these women train with me. I have also wondered if their husbands gave them as much undivided attention as I do would their relationships be stronger?

As stated above the stability of marriage is like trading silver and some of the currencies. Silver is relatively stable and reliable and in the view of some traders can be somewhat boring.

This is where trading gold comes in. The rewards can be very high. You can earn a lot of money very quickly however it can be at considerable risk.

Gold is extremely volatile, it goes up and down faster than a yoyo on an piece of elastic.

I once made the mistake of putting 1.0 units of gold in a trade with a £400 budget. The trade was up by £80 and within the blink of an eye, it was down to zero. In a panic, I stopped the trade and breathed a sigh of relief. I was very lucky my account could have been wiped out instantly. I remembered that if you trade gold you only trade 0.1 units.

Very recently did a trade in gold with 0.1 units it fell to -£80 within the hour and to be polite I got stressed. However I saw it take a slight upturn and I decided to let it run it went up and down, up and down but the overall trend was upwards. By the end of trading that day I had made some £20 profit but it was a very stressful learning experience to earn £20 so I stay away from gold.

If you put too big a trade into gold and you can wipe out your account within seconds and you can be lumbered with a huge debt for a while.

You can set a stop loss to stop you from losing money. A stop loss is a limit on the trade so if the price goes below (if you are buying) or above (if you are selling.) It’s there to stop you from losing money.

However gold is so volatile that you can set your stop loss and within seconds you’ve hit it and you have lost money. You could be extremely brave and set a stop loss of 1000 pips and a take profit of 1000 pips and monitor. It would take something dramatic to reach that level within a few seconds.

Then once you hit a healthy profit when the price of gold is higher than the price you bought by 100 or so pips you can put in a trailing stop loss which means that the stop-loss tracks the price of gold. That is the only way you can guarantee a profit in gold and it requires experience, nerves of steel, and comes at some degree of risk.


So in conclusion don’t trade gold and don’t have an affair.