UK parliamentary petition to Remove LGBT content from the Relationships Education curriculum.

James Bond
4 min readFeb 5, 2023

Very recently a UK citizen of Algerian origin named Fares Rahmani has set up a UK parliamentary petition called Remove LGBT content from the Relationships Education curriculum (1.) I presume he’s set it up because in some religious faiths homosexuality or bisexuality is forbidden.

Now let me tell you how these petitions work. So long as they meet the required standards (2) they are published.

If a parliamentary petition gets 10,000 signatures the government has to respond. If that response isn’t good enough then the parliamentary petitions committee can ask for a better one. If that isn’t good enough then they can summon a minister for questioning.

If they get 100,000 signatures they consider it for debate. Now, these petitions work! One forced the government to change its policy on funding for mother and baby groups.

There is an opposing one called Do not remove LGBT content from the Relationships Education curriculum (3)

As you can see it’s not far off the 100,000 threshold for a debate in parliament.

I have a few words to say.

Oh please!

I do security at a swingers club and at a nightclub.

Let’s talk about what used to happen at the swingers’ club before the lockdown on ladies’ day.

The women come in and we have LOADS of women of his faith come in and pay the entrance fee. They throw off their veils and hair coverings. They then have a glass of champagne (alcohol is forbidden in some denominations of their faith.)

Then they go for a bite to eat, they either have a ham sandwich, a bacon sandwich, a hot dog, or a hamburger. Some go for the special named after their prophet which is a pizza topped with salami, chorizo, ham, bacon, and pork sausages. Our takeaway guy always sells out no matter how much he brings!

Once they’ve eaten, they then dress up in either latex, leather, wet look, or PVC outfits. They also put on sexy lingerie. In fact, the Ann Summers rep who comes ALWAYS sells out. These women start cage dancing, lap dancing, pole dancing, etc. Then they often go upstairs and get it on with one another. Many of them are lesbians but have been forced to marry men to keep the family's honour.

Then at the end of the event they go back to their normal lives but their husbands and families have no idea. I feel so sorry for them and now if they are in danger of being forced into a marriage or have been forced to marry or are facing domestic abuse, we put them in touch with specialist teams who can help them. They are first taken to a place of safety; someone gets the children out if there are children then the lawyers take over to facilitate divorce and restraining orders.

Some of them really rebel against their family beliefs. On the day of their most holy day, they go for multiple men or women on the day. One woman had full-blown sex with 100 men in the weekend of that festival. It’s usually about 30–40 in one day as it can be exhausting! It's relatively common to see one lady alternating between sex with a man, then a woman, man, woman, etc for a whole day. However, it can be exhausting!

In the case of the lady who went with 100 men, it was filmed. She sent a copy of the DVD to her parents before the arranged marriage with legal papers. The forwarding letter said that if they did anything to her then a copy of the DVD would be sent to all the family friends with a restraining order banning them from arranging a marriage for her and from coming anywhere near her.

Don’t think the men are left out.

On bisexual night we have loads of men of such faith come in. Again, many are gay men who have been forced to marry women to keep the family's honour. Again, they go for a bite to eat like the ladies do (mentioned above) and the takeaway guy sells out! They really get it on with one another but at the end of the event they go back to their normal lives and their families have no idea.

At the nightclub, I do security at things are a little different. We have loads of students come in. The girls of such faith come in gear that would make their religious parents turn in their graves. For many, it’s their first time away from home. They commonly wear short skirts, and tight low-cut tops often with visible stockings and suspenders. They drink and they really go for it with regard to the food items above. Again, the same takeaway guy always sells out! The girls kiss others like mad but they always exclusively go for white men or women as an act of rebellion against their parent's wishes.

When it comes to graduation, they are increasingly getting restraining orders banning their parents from forcing them to marry against their will. In some cases, they get such orders banning their families from coming near them at all!

So I think this guy who set up this petition, on the basis of my evidence is out of touch.


1. Remove LGBT content from the Relationships Education curriculum

2. Standards for parliamentary petitions

3. Do not remove LGBT content from the Relationships Education curriculum

Date Checked Sunday 5th February 2023