We want a return to traditional British values

James Bond
2 min readSep 21, 2022

On Tuesday I spoke to a friend who survived the 2nd world war. I am told that the unity that the country showed for the Queen’s funeral has never been shown since the war.

Long may it continue but the politicians and businesses need to note a few things.

The Queen's funeral was the most watched event on TV this century -some 5 billion watched it.

This tells me that the British want their traditional values back. We don’t want to appease the looney left, cancel culture, wokey whiners. We don’t want our statues taken down. We don’t want our pub names changed. We don’t want our street names changed. We don’t want our university curriculums changed.

We want a restoration of our traditions and values. If the wokey whiners don’t like it then they are free to go. I have unconfirmed reports (which are probably untrue.) These reports say that if anyone is unhappy with the way the UK is run they can go to Uganda, surrender their passport and take Ugandan citizenship. I very much doubt that this is true but as President Trump says if such people don’t like our way of life they can leave.

My own view is that if any immigrant who turns up at our borders is not willing to take an oath of allegiance to the King they should be turned back.