Well done Sparkle Markets

James Bond
2 min readJul 23, 2023

I was delighted to hear that Vincent Furrie the Chief Executive of Sparkle Markets has decided not to install any self-checkout machines as they ‘limit human interaction.’

If I had my way they’d be outlawed.

If anything they are NOT faster and they waste your time.

Let me explain how to ensure your shopping is done quickly. If we all vote with our feet then we can put an end to self-service checkouts.

I used to be a supermarket packer and I can tell you that self-service checkouts are not faster. The next time you go to a supermarket don’t go to an empty till. Go to a till where someone is unloading their stuff. When they go to the other end and bag their stuff you unload yours. As you bag yours the person behind you unloads theirs.

It is so much faster. When I was a supermarket packer I would ensure there was only one queue for people waiting for a till. I would then put two customers per till doing this and you will not believe how quickly the queues went down.

If we can all do this then we can put an end to self-service checkouts and you’ll save yourself a lot of time.