White Britons to be a minority by 2066

James Bond
6 min readApr 13, 2022

Earlier this week a plane flew above the Etihad stadium when Manchester City played Liverpool FC with a very sobering message saying White Britons to be a minority by 2066. (1)

I am a UK born and raised 2nd generation Indian living in the UK. I am the son of two legal immigrants from India. Heed my warning- you must not let what happened in India happen to the UK.

I welcome you to call me a racist but before you do read till the end.

During the 1st and 2nd World war people bled fought and died to stop the UK being invaded and taken over. Yet it appears that it’s going to happen by stealth unless you act now.

There are two problems causing this.

  • Immigration
  • Outbreeding

Immigration see the views of President Trump.

The EU imposed laws on us causing us to accept mass uncontrolled immigration. One of the reasons for Brexit. I was recently in London and I was quite shocked to see how it was overrun by immigrants. It’s not the London I remember when I lived there.

Outbreeding of the general population.

Let me explain the maths.

Let me explain mass uncontrolled immigration has brought wages down. For example why take on a UK citizen when you can hire an immigrant for a lot less?

It’s a mathematical certainty as the maths shows.

The financial plight of many parents in the UK

When you go on maternity leave your income halves. At the time of writing the UK minimum wage is £8.72 per hour for those over 25. Let’s assume you work for 40 hours per week. That equates to £348.80 per week. After tax and national insurance that works out at £275.68.

Childcare per child is £45 per child per day. Assuming you work for 5 days that works out at £225 per week. Hence a mother who returned to work would take home £275.68-£225= £50.68 per week.

That works out at £1.27 per hour over a 40-hour week.

That’s why many families rely on tax credits, universal credit and child benefit to get by.

Many people are on zero-hour contracts, so they don’t know one week to the next if they have work.

All too often the other half (if there is one) has to take on a second job. That results in the other half having the heart-breaking situation of missing the children growing up.

Inflation is 3%. Wage rises if you are lucky are 1%. Hence your wages are worth less and less. Hence many people struggle financially.

Worse still many people can’t afford to put anything into a private pension. So, they retire on the state pension of £134.75 per week- around 40% of what they were struggling to live on to start with. Hence so many pensioners work in supermarkets.

These articles illustrate this.

(1) High Prices see residents count rising cost of Living Sheffield Star Date checked 19th April 2018

(2) War on wages reveals professions earning less than they did 7 years ago. How does yours compare? Date checked 18th October 2018

(3) There are more women in work than when records began 50 years ago, with 4.9million holding down a job over the age of 50 due to rise in pension age and financial pressures Date checked 19th April 2019.

(4) Number of children in absolute poverty across UK hits 3.7 million after increases of 200,000 in a year Date checked 19th April 2019.

As you can see many working people can’t afford to have children or at least no more than two.

Many immigrants are on no end of social security benefits and so they can afford to have as many as they like.

What else can I do to stop it?

Please sign this UK governmental petition on this

Leave the 1951 Refugee Convention and 1967 Protocol & revoke the Immigration Act

If we can get 100,000 signatures then they consider it for debate in parliament.

Secondly become one of my students on the http://www.doyouwanttobeafulltimemother.com program where I help you get on multiple streams of income- usually 3–5- so you can afford to have a much better standard of living and a few more children!

My stance on immigration

Here is my stance on immigration.

  • Genuine political prisoner. No problem.
  • Genuine asylum seeker. No problem.

On that note I find it reprehensible that we did not offer asylum to Asia Bibby or Rahaf Mohammed.

Asia Bibby was the Pakistani Christian who spent 10 years in prison and was freed on appeal against her conviction on blasphemy charges. Rahaf Mohammed was the Saudi Arabian woman who left her religion and fled a forced arranged marriage. She ended up being rescued by the Canadians who gave her asylum.

Such people will move heaven and earth to give back to the country that gave them refuge.

I have no problem whatsoever with the Ukrainian refugees. They are fleeing a war. That’s no problem.

I do have a problem with those coming across the channel originating from Africa and the Middle East- they are economic migrants taking advantage of our generous benefits system.

Non asylum seekers must fulfil certain criteria

  • They must come legally.
  • They must have a reasonable command of English.
  • They must respect UK law.
  • They must respect UK culture
  • They must positively contribute to our society.

I am wholly opposed to mass immigration. I advocate controlled quality immigration.

Let’s take my Dad.

He is an immigrant from India in 1969. The world’s most devout Hindu. He never claimed a penny in benefit. He arrived in the UK with £5. The following day he was at work in a hospital in a pre-arranged job. He was fluent in the English language. He was a family doctor for over 30 years. He employed 10–15 people and paid at least £30,000 a year in taxes. His only criminal offence was to get a parking ticket which was quashed on appeal when he proved he was seeing a patient with a heart attack and had to park in an emergency. If any family member ever went on welfare he would insist that whilst on welfare you worked voluntarily at a charity shop to give back. He gave a lot of money to charity.

At first, some hospital consultants refused to take his referrals. Some local GPs refused to do out of hours cover with him. They tried to get him struck off because he started a scheme with a local pharmacy. Under that scheme you would put in your request for a repeat prescription, the local pharmacy would pick it up and then two days later it would be dispensed and ready at that pharmacy. They had to throw out the complaint because his patients loved it. It saved them time.

All patients with a long term illness were seen every 3 months to keep their symptoms under control. Hence they rarely needed hospital referral. It also kept his waiting list down. He hired loads of nurses to do specialist clinics e.g. high blood pressure clinics. At one stage he was doing so many the health authority made a complaint to the minister of health because he was claiming so much money from them. The minister wrote back and told them to leave him alone and tell other doctors to do the same.

During the latter stages of his career government targets stated that emergency patients were seen within 3 days. He saw them on the SAME day.

As time went on the tables turned. Patients from other practices came to him. He exceeded all government targets and the other doctors were humiliated when the health authority had no choice but to ask him to design protocols to have such an efficient practice.

For the reasons above his patients loved him.

That is how you win people over-you gain their respect.

What Donald Trump said about my Dad.

A while ago I met Donald Trump at an event and I asked about immigrants like my Dad. He replied “If I am to make America great again I need immigrants like your father.”


  1. Plane flies over Man City vs Liverpool clash with “British to be minority” banner https://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/news/man-city-liverpool-plane-banner-26680990 (date checked 11th April 2022)