Why I support Boris Johnson’s opinion to refuse transgender athletes in women’s sports

James Bond
4 min readApr 10, 2022


Earlier this week Boris Johnson, the UK Prime Minister entered the debate about transgender athletes taking part in women’s sports.

This has caused considerable discussion among the public.

He even talks of women only zones in places like hospitals and the like.

I have long been an advocate of women only areas of gyms and women only fitness classes.

Whilst he accepts this is controversial, he does speak common sense.

Please see the views of the Prime Minister here

Why I support his view- given that I do nightclub security and I am a personal trainer.

Let me end this debate. I speak as a personal trainer and as someone who does freelance security at nightclubs. Most commonly I work in a gay bar.

We frequently have crossdressers and transexuals come in and they are told in advance to use the disabled restrooms. I insist on this this for two reasons.

I have to ensure safety for all.

I have to protect the transgendered person from abuse from any biological lady towards the transgendered person in the ladies’ restroom.

Secondly, I have to ensure that any biological lady does not feel uncomfortable or unsafe in the ladies’ restroom.

I have yet to have a complaint.

Technically I may be breaking EU laws that have not been repealed yet but if anyone complains I will simply cite public interest and I know I will win in court.

Public interest must always come first.

I also ensure that there is a security guard outside the ladies restroom to ensure only women go in. On the back of the cubicle door is a notice saying “if you are in danger please phone this number and a member of staff will come and get you.” This is to help women who are on dates that have gone wrong.

With regards transgendered male to female athletes. They must not be able to compete in women’s sports. The simple reason being they have a huge advantage when it comes to strength and fitness. It is simply unfair and I would ask that the government steps in and passes appropriate legislation.

Why women only gyms or women only areas of gyms are a good idea.

My six reasons why I support this.

Religious. Some women of Jewish background can’t exercise in front of men.

Intimidation. Many women find the male dominated free weights area of a gym very intimidating. When I was a self-employed personal trainer at Pure gym to get to the aerobics studio you had to walk past the free weights area. A lot of women found that really scary as they got leered at and wolf whistled at and the like. It reached such a stage that class attendances plummeted and I had to walk the ladies to the classes or they took the long way around the perimeter of the gym.

Clothing. A lot of female gym clothing can be a bit revealing and you don’t want men leering at you when you are wearing it.

Exercises. A lot of exercises women do can be a bit compromising and again you don’t want men leering at you when you are doing them.

Some women can sweat in embarrassing places.

Lastly when exercising some women can make noises that can be taken the wrong way. Again, you don’t want men around when this happens. There was one lady I had to train from 6:00am-7:00am for this reason.

There was an advert on Facebook some time ago about fitness classes only for Islamic women.

When I worked at one gym, we did such classes and we had a huge barrage of complaints and we had to change the adverts. The complaints came from Islamic women.

They wholly understood the merit of women only classes (see above) however they felt it was wholly discriminatory to have Muslim only women come. Some of these Islamic women wanted to bring their Jewish or Christian friends. These are 2nd generation Islamic women, born and raised in the UK. They are just as British as you and I and share British values. Some of them had very broad Yorkshire accents!

The real irony was that the Islamic women insisted that I took the classes!

The only time when this is not a good idea

It’s not a good idea when teaching self-defence. If you put two women together they’ll give each other super soft, girly, punches. You ask a man to try and hit a woman and he’ll go easy on her. You ask a woman to hit a man and trust me she’ll hit so hard that Mike Tyson won’t stand a chance!

Please sign my UK governmental petition on this

I’ve made a petition — will you sign it?

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My petition:

Legislate the PM’s view to ban the transgendered taking part in women’s sports

Some states in the USA have banned transgendered individuals from taking part in women’s sports. We should too Boris Johnson the Prime Minister said he does not believe transgender women should compete in female sporting events — a view he conceded may be “controversial”.


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