Why I will NEVER use a self service checkout machine.

James Bond
2 min readAug 17, 2023

As long as human beings breathe oxygen I will NEVER use a self-service checkout machine.

I used to work for the Co-op as a supermarket packer and I can tell you that it is far faster to go to a till where someone is unloading as opposed to an empty till. I wait until the person before me goes to the other end and starts to bag the shopping. As that is done, I unload mine from the trolley and then the person behind me can do the same. When I used to work for the coop when a big queue opened up, I would open more tills and I would get two customers per till as mentioned above. It would cut waiting times enormously.

The customers enjoyed the human touch and on top of that fraud was cut to a minimum.

On top of that some elderly customers and mums with babies used to come in. I’d take them round the shop and help them with their shopping. The elderly women used to LOVE it. My manager wasn’t pleased but then when he stopped me the customers complained so he had to back down. Sadly I could only do this on certain days of the week. When it came to paying I used the above procedure which they all loved. I am amazed the supermarkets don’t do this now.

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