Why the European Union is like cancer

James Bond
5 min readSep 8, 2019

Every time I see the above video called Winds of Change from The Scorpion a lump comes to my throat. I can still remember the fall of the Iron Curtain. It is time for the EU superstate to fall in the same way. This video was even praised by Mikhail Gorbachev the former General Secretary of the Soviet Union.

In previous publications, I have detailed how the European Union behaves like two industries and a very unfortunate situation.

In (2) I detail How the EU acts like the fitness industry.

In (3) I describe how the EU acts like energy companies.

In (4) I describe the similarities between the European Union and forced arranged marriages.

Now let me describe how the European Union acts like cancers.

Cancers kill people by 4 methods.

Firstly they stop the affected organ by stopping it working properly.

Secondly, they drain the host person of all its energy, resources and nutrition.

Thirdly cancers kill by spreading all over the body.

Lastly, they kill by doing the same thing to other organs. That’s why they want a superstate (5.)

The mainstay of treating cancers.

However, a mainstay of treating cancers is to surgically cut them out. Then we give chemotherapy and radiotherapy to wipe out all remaining traces of them hoping they won’t come back.

Look at the way that the EU has drained us.

We pay them £50 million per day of taxpayer’s money.

Let’s see what they have done.

Ship building has been finished. Coal mining has been finished. The Steel works have been destroyed. Fishing has been destroyed. Fracking has been granted. Sovereignty is going. The Railways have been sold. Electricity and gas have been sold. Water has been sold. British Telecom has been sold. Royal Mail has been sold. The NHS is being sold off. (6)

The video from Anne Widdecombe explains why we are leaving. We cannot control our own borders, we cannot be governed by our own democratically elected government, we can’t make our own laws and we can’t negotiate our own trade deals. (7.)

No deal- no problem!

The ballot paper (8) never mentioned a deal.

The government promised to implement what we chose (9.)

In terms of a deal with Europe I fail to see how “no deal” is a problem. Please see this letter from John Kirby Managing Director, Kirby Devon Yealmpton, Devon (10.)

Now when I saw 7 Reasons Brexit is Great for Business (11) from Lance Forman my views were confirmed.

Besides look at the comparator table (12.)

So what can you do?


Firstly if you are on facebook please go to the facebook page of the Hungarian Embassy in the USA. https://www.facebook.com/HunEmbassy.Washington or go to their website https://washington.mfa.gov.hu/eng/ and paste the following message in asking for Hungarian PM Orban Viktor to veto any request for an extension of time from 31st October.

Dear Prime Minister Orban

In 2016 the people of the UK voted to leave the EU. There were 4 main reasons. Under the EU we cannot make our own laws, we cannot secure our own borders, we cannot be governed by our own democratically elected government and we cannot make our own trade deals. Regretfully some self serving career politicians are trying to scupper the process and get a further extension from 31st October to January 2020.

I am asking you to veto this. If you do I promise to buy some Hungarian products and come to your beautiful country as a tourist within the next few years.

Yours sincerely

Then Parliament is prorogued until the 17th October EU meeting. By that time the parliamentary petition to leave with no deal will be on a million or so- https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/254329.

The parliamentary petition to repeal the European Union (Withdrawal) (№6) Bill aka The Benn-Burt Bill will be approved and will be on a few million (currently being considered for approval.)

Then the UK PM has the authority to repeal that bill, leave with no deal. Then he can call a general election saying “We delivered Brexit, the self-serving career politicians who wanted their EU bonuses failed.” When I was a student I attended a lecture from a former MP who has passed away. He said that if the UK ever tried to leave the EU the MPs and Lords would resist like mad because each gets at least £100K from the EU.

Firstly with the exception of Hungarian products don’t buy any European products. Look what Ghandi did in India (13). He got all the Indians to stop buying British products. In effect, the British could not afford to stay in India much longer!


It’s time to eradicate this cancer. Let’s follow the example of Mahatma Ghandi and force them out.


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