Why women only areas in gyms are a great idea.

James Bond
2 min readJul 12, 2019

When I was a self employed personal trainer at Fitness First we had loads of complaints from our male members because at certain times of day the smaller gym was women only.

Then men used to complain like mad.

However there were legitimate reasons.

For religious reasons some women can’t exercise in front of men. Although I’ve never read the Torah I believe that in some denominations of Judaism they can’t exercise in front of men which I respect.

Some women find the free weights area of a gym very intimidating- effectively they are men only areas. When I was a self employed personal trainer at Pure Gym in Sheffield city centre they put the “studio” behind the freeweights area. Lots of women were afraid of walking past the freeweights area for fear of being leered at or wolf whistled at. In fact on many occasions I had to walk them past the freeweights area or sometimes they’d walk around the perimeter of the gym to get there.

Then they were incredibly stupid to put the “studio” in at the front of the gym which was glassed so members of the public could look in. Class attendances plummeted and management couldn’t understand why! It wasn’t rocket science.

Some women sweat in embarrassing areas and you don’t want men looking at you if that happens.

Some women’s exercises are somewhat compromising and again you don’t want some pervert leering at you when that happens. The classic one is the abductor machine. If you look at this video of how to use the such a machine you will see why a lot of women would not want guys being around when they use them. That said I can’t understand why men don’t use these excellent machines!

Some female gym clothing can be somewhat revealing and again you don’t want to be stared at when that happens. I have actually had to have to ban some men from the gym for that reason. Although this video is a joke I have seen situations like this happen and one guy thumped his girlfriend for wearing such gear.

This video illustrates some of these points perfectly.

Indeed it has been known that some men go to aerobics and zumba classes only to try and pick up women. It’s a very common ploy. I remember when I was a student one of my friends trained to be an aerobics instructor to meet women and to bed as many as possible- he was very successful at it as well!

Lastly when some women exercise the noise they make can be taken the wrong way and it can be very embarrassing for that lady if men are around. I had such a client and it was embarrassing for me. It was for that reason I had to train her at 6:30am when nobody was around.

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