This is so true. So many who have slept with many people haven't a clue what they are doing.

When I was a student I did a research year into stress in medical students and junior doctors.I found one cause of untold stress in students which is not well documented. It causes the affected student no end of stress and has a profoundly negative impact on their mental health.

It sometimes ends in tragedy. I know of 8 such cases. However I do a self defence class and it appears to me that the problem is increasing.

What is it?

It’s parental pressure to force the student to study a course against their will. The worst case I ever…

I saw this advert recently on facebook.

I am a health and weight loss expert, in layman’s terms a personal fitness trainer. It reminded me of when I worked in one gym and we did such classes solely for Muslim women.

I am a firm advocate of women only classes and women only areas of gyms for several reasons.

The irony here is the Islamic women objected to the advert and they wanted it changed to women only which was done.

Here are my reasons for women only areas of gyms.

Religious. Women of Jewish background can’t exercise in front…

Please note this is the HINDU Swastika and not the Nazi Swastika

I am asking all those people who are protesting outside Batley Grammar School over the cartoon to go home.

They’ve made their point. I am of Indian Hindu background and I am asking them all to turn around and go home.

I do freelance nightclub security- commonly at gay bars- and I would like to remind those people the huge damage they are doing their community.

Last year there were the protests outside schools in the midlands over the teaching of gay relationships. It was their fellow followers of Islam who suffered. Many of our customers refused to get into…

Taken from

I refer to Eddie Izzard proudly outspoken on trans issues but admits: ‘I would’ve been murdered in Nazi Germany’ (1) where Eddie is quoted as saying:

“‘Gay people were put in concentration camps. That’s what this extreme right-wing thinking will do,’ she added.”

I have news for anyone reading that article.

Nazi is an abbreviation for National Socialist.

Hitler’s party was called The National Socialist German Workers’ Party (2) . A lot of the pro LGBTQ legislation worldwide has been passed by the right. I do security at nightclubs on a freelance basis- most commonly at gay bars. I left…

Bristol riot: Violent clashes with police ‘shameful’

With regards the riots in Bristol last night with the involvement of Extinction Rebellion. They are just adding to why the government is passing this bill.

Consider the difference. I am the great, great, great grandson of someone who marched with Mahatma Ghandi in the struggle to free India from British Rule.

All protests were organised and police permission was given. Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist, Christian, Muslim and Jew stood side by side. The rules were very strict. No obscenities. Take nothing but photos, leave nothing but footprints, kill nothing but time. Garlands of flowers were put around the necks of…

Couple stressing over finances

I write this article on 21st March 2021- the day of the UK census. In about two weeks the UK will enter the 2021–22 financial year which starts from 6th April. The calendar year starts on 1st January.

However for some it makes no difference and they are still paying off Christmas. Let me tell you now how to help avoid the Christmas Debt trap.

What is the Christmas debt trap?

I can hear you all asking that question.

Between 30th November — 2nd January every year people spend a fortune at Christmas. There are huge winter fuel bills to…

Please note this is the HINDU Swastika not the Nazi Swastika

Like you I am a 2nd generation ethnic minority. My parents are Indian. I was born and raised in the UK. My parents both worked in the NHS. My Dad paid some £2.5 million in taxes to the taxman over his working life.

I served in HM Armed forces. My loyalty is to the United Kingdom. The UK is my home. I respect it’s culture, values and laws. I ensure I positively contribute to UK society. When I was 15 the worst I ever did was bunk off school games.

Your father is on welfare benefits living in Bangladesh milking…


Let me end this argument the argument over Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

Who remembers Rocky v? In that movie Rocky Balboa had a student called Tommy Gunn who did the dirty on him like Megan and Harry have done. In the press conference a reporter says “He may win a few fights but a Rocky Balboa he’ll never be.”

His manager replies. “Balboa was the true people’s champion.”

Megan Markle may have married into the Royal family but a Lady Diana Princess of Wales she will NEVER be. Princess Diana was the true people’s princess, universally loved and…

James Bond

My name is Bond, Dr. James Bond, I help mothers get in shape

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